On April 23, the new Solution Forum on Cloud will be hosted at 15:00 as a Webinar. The event will welcome two representatives for AWS and FPT Software: Mr. Truong Cong Dai (AWS Senior Partner Solutions Architect) and Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Son (FSOFT Cloud CoE Vice Director).

Solution Forum #63 is hosted by FPT Solution & Technology Unit (STU), and shall cover the topic of “2020 Cloud Shifting Trend – Enterprise Journey” – The first of a cloud series. Cloud is also one out  8 majors programs of FPT Software in the year 2020.

The Solution Forum will be hosted on April 23, from 15:00 to 17:00 as a webinar on Microsoft Teams. It will also especially welcome AWS representative – Mr. Truong Cong Dai (Senior Partner Solutions Architect) and FPT Software representative – Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Son (Cloud CoE Vice Director).

Throughout the program, speakers will keep you updated on the new trends and services, helping to complete business systems and operations to Cloud.

Mr. Truong Cong Dai will open the show with his speech on “Security pillar in AWS Well-Architected Framework”. Well-Architected Framework is developed to help Cloud Architects build application infrastructures in a safe, flexible, and efficient manner. The framework also includes 5 major pillars of: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. Here, Security pillars assist in data protection and completion, identify and manage exclusive rights, preserve systems, as well as control and detect security events.

Mr. Truong Cong Dai is a Technical Leader with over 16 years of experience in IT. At AWS, he works as a Senior Partner Solutions Architect, who is responsible for advanced consultant and Cloud Computing structure design for customers in enterprise architecture, solution architecture, and technology architecture.

Aside from Cloud, he also has years of experience in building IT systems and infrastructures which are of great importance in projects in finance – banking.

The show will continue with a presentation from Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Son on FPT Software’s Cloud programs in 2020-2022. After the establishment of Cloud CoE, FPT Software had set out to focus on building Cloud capacity and standardize Cloud services, at the same time consult and develop Cloud solutions for future battles.

With 10 years of experience in software development and over 5 years in Cloud research, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Son is now embracing his various roles as FPT’s Technical Lead, Solution Architect, and even Cloud Consultant. His responsibilities include: consulting strategies and Cloud-shifting solutions for customers in Japan, Europe, and America. He was finally delegated the Cloud CoE Vice Director in early 2020, and is now in charge of deploying and developing FPT Software’s cloud computing ability.

To join the program, FSOFTer can register here before 10:00, April 22 or email to [email protected]. The link to the webinar will be sent via email.

Please follow the Workplace Solution Forum group to get more updates, for more details, please contact [email protected].


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