Many people who attended FPT Techday 2019 were surprised to know that “girl” who made their confirmation call was not real.

The FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center – FPT’s new virtual assistant product, had received plenty attention at FPT Techday 2019 on the recent November 21.

It was at the largest event of FPT that the group had introduced this product in a very special way: letting the virtual agent make confirmation call with the event’s guests. Additionally, visitors at the event an also directly experience this technology at the exhibition area.

FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center

According to FPT, automatic call centers are starting to become a crucial trend that provides useful conversational experiences for users, at the same time freeing the need for human resources and saving businesses billions every year.

Businesses with large amounts of customers often become overloaded with hundreds of repetitive questions every day, where as their customers have to wait and have interrupted services. At the same time, businesses struggle to balance the HR and operational cost with customer satisfaction.

Sharing at the event, FPT CTO, Mr. Le Hong Viet had said: “FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center was born with the purpose of solving the aforementioned problems for businesses, and at the same time elevate their customer care quality.”

In particular, the system allows the making and receiving of automatic Vietnamese calls with customers as well as the integration of prewritten script. The product helps to automatize repetitive tasks, thus replacing a large number of call agents, and allows customers to consult and inquire at all time.

With FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center, customers will be able to receive immediate support without any wait time, while businesses will reduce their operation costs, optimized their work efficiency, as well as increase customer satisfaction, leading to higher brand loyalty and reliability.

The product is special in that it can interact naturally both ways, using a high quality mechanic voice with one of the most natural tones in Vietnam. Equipped with the natural language processing technology, FPT.AI Virtual Agent can also accurately identify customers’ intent in order to make suitable answers, all for a smooth conversation.

The product is deployed on cloud platform, where it can expand flexibly and process thousands at customers’ intents at once, without the risk of becoming overloaded in the rush hours. This solution can also be integrated to businesses’ pre-existing call centers, or deployed along with other services via APIs.

FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center applies identification, voice analyzation, and natural language processing technologies to make natural automatic calls in Vietnamese.

With the solution, businesses will also receive statistical reports and detailed analysis on the content, status, and metrics of calls, so that they can make better decisions on the Call Center’s procedures, as well as on more optimized marketing strategies for difference customer classifications.

The FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center can make hundreds of outbound calls to large amounts of customers, all with personalized contents, for notification of information regarding the businesses’ products/services, promotions, unwanted conditions, surveys, appointments, confirmation, and so on.

It is also possible for the system to respond to inbound calls, consult and answer frequently asked questions, provide information, set or cancel appointments, as well as direct customers to products or services, and even connect customers to suitable departments.

In the near future, automatic call centers with AI will reach their potential in the optimization of customer service. This can be a powerful and crucial tool for customer care, especially during this 4.0 age.

First launched in 2017, FPT.AI brings 4 product packages, including: Vision (Computer Vision), Conversation (Natural language processing), Speech (Voice identification), and Knowledge (Digitalized knowledge base), popular among various businesses.

In November 2018, FPT Retail had successfully researched and applied the Pika chatbot on the basis of FPT.AI Conversation. Until June 2019, Pika had interacted with over 65,000 thousand customers, and processed 274,800 questions, bringing around 1 billion of revenue every month.

In Finance – Banking, FPT.AI Vision had assisted Military Bank (MB Bank) in digitalizing their customer information. With this technology, from 4 minutes, the average time used to input data had been reduced to 3 seconds, with over 96% accuracy.


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