Digital transformation is no longer an unfamiliar topic to the technology community and businesses, as digital transformation is gradually becoming the strategic direction of all large and small businesses.

Over 70% of Vietnamese enterprises are ready to deploy digital transformation, with the goal of bringing about breakthrough development. However, common concerns still exist on the digital transformation journey, in which 38.4% of businesses have the same question: Where should digital transformation start?

Digital transformation – the common story of businesses in the 4.0 era

Undeniably, the outstanding benefits that digital transformation brings to businesses make this an undeniable trend worldwide. Efficiency helps businesses increase revenue and profits; improve management efficiency; increase competitive strengths; improving customer experience. All of these make digital transformation a prerequisite strategy that businesses aim to develop sustainably.

According to IDG’s survey, 90% of global businesses have a digital transformation plan and most of them claim that digital transformation is in the Top 3 most important goals to be implemented. In Vietnam, the Survey of Vietnam Software and Information Technology Services Association (VINASA) in August 2019 showed that over 70% of businesses and organizations are ready to make digital transformation.

However, there are still many concerns raised by organizations and businesses. In particular, the three issues they are most interested in are: resources for deployment (55.7%); how computerization is different from digital transformation (39.2%); and how the digital transformation should start (38.4%).

FPT Techday 2019 – Smart start in digital transformation

In order to help Vietnamese organizations and businesses get the most effective solution, FPT Technology Forum 2019 (FPT Techday 2019) November 21 with the theme “Start Smart” was organized. by FPT Corporation will bring practical stories about digital transformation of the world’s leading enterprises and Vietnam, helping businesses have a more intuitive view of the digital transformation journey.

At the Smart Management Conference session with the theme “Smart start in corporate governance”, Vietnamese enterprises soon embarked on the journey of digital transformation and are achieving significant benefits such as Masan and Tan Thanh… will share their experience of overcoming the challenges of digital transformation. These are promising valuable practical lessons that the business community cannot ignore.

FPT’s senior digital transformation consultants will also help businesses better understand smart business management methods and models, through practical stories of digital transformation implementation for corporations.

In addition to the general management topics for organizations, businesses, the Annual Banking Conference organized by FPT and EY Vietnam Consulting Company within the framework of FPT Techday 2019 will also bring to customers a different perspective on the digital journey of banks around the world and in Vietnam.

Questions to discuss include: What are the top issues that banks are most interested in today? How did Sacombank, TPBank, MSB start digital transformation, and how have they been overcome the challenges? The most important issue is how data security in a digital environment will be handled by banking consultants?…

The answer will be given in the discussion “Smart start in the journey of bank digitization” with the participation of senior leaders of EY and the banks MSB, MB, VPBank, TPBank, ACB, Napas…

Join FPT Techday 2019 to embark and START the digital transformation journey, proactively create and master the future with the top leaders of businesses, banks, and leading Vietnamese technology experts.

FPT Techday 2019, held on November 21, 2019, at the National Convention Center (Hanoi), is expected to gather more than 500 business leaders, banks and technology experts, to share their business and practical experience of digital transformation and determination to start the journey of digital transformation.

FPT Techday 2019 also brings digital experiences for technology lovers such as traveling by self-driving cars, directly experiencing 4.0 technology solutions at 46 booths in the exhibition area and the opportunity to assert yourself through contests with a total prize value of up to 150 million.

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