FPT’s digital transformation commitment from 7 years ago with TechDay has been the motivation for the business community to keep moving forward.

A week before the end of 2019, FPT has completed a strategic cooperation agreement and a digital transformation consultancy contract with Minh Phu “the king of shrimp”. While the business community speculated on the value of the contract or the benefits that the two parties enjoyed after this “historic handshake”, FPT CEO Nguyen Van Khoa looked in a different view.

Mr. Khoa said the fact that a TOP company leading shrimp industry in the world like Minh Phu decided to have the digital transformation to renew themselves and towards bigger goals: a quarter of shrimp market share in the world is positive signals show that Vietnamese businesses have changed their minds and determination to convert digital. The poof is that many businesses and organizations have chosen FPT as a partner to accompany on the path of digital transformation to optimize operations, increase labor productivity and create new business models recently.

There are three reasons why Vietnamese businesses decided to conduct digital transformation more quickly in the current period. One is competitive pressure and growing pressure. Second, they see more clearly the benefit of the first steps in the digital transformation journey of their predecessors. Thirdly, there is a qualified partner and is willing to accompany the end of the journey so that they can trust and choose to be a companion.

“FPT will accompany smart start-ups in this journey, starting with identifying the most critical issues, choosing the suitable and feasible solutions for businesses, choosing the right people for the right jobs and choose an experiment solution that is easy to deploy and quickly brings specific success”, Mr. Khoa emphasized.

7-year journey “walking while researching the road” of the pioneers

Few people know in order to have digital transformation platforms, products and solutions that can be applied immediately to businesses like today, FPT has invested in research and development of technology since 7 years ago.

2012 was an important turning point. That was the year FPT attended the World Economic Forum for the first time in Davos as a founding member. It is the place that thousands of leaders of leading businesses, leading the global business and technology game gather. They discuss the most important trends, the most urgent problems of the world. Davos is an opportunity for FPT to approach typical organizations and countries have the opportunity to expand the market, meet prestigious and global partners and be the place to update the latest technology trends.

According to FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh, the most interesting point at this conference is reliability and efficiency. Hand-to-hand conversations between business leaders are usually very brief, about 15 minutes and go quickly to the main topic, what I need and what you can do. And it is from these meetings that only 15 minutes is an important first step for FPT to become a partner and service provider of many big brands in the world such as Dupont, Airbus, Siemens, etc. Working with them helped FPT to see technology transfer very early, see opportunities of Vietnam and FPT to rise up with new technologies and more importantly, draw on the method. Effective implementation of digital transformation.

The first FPT Techday in 2013 is an initiative for FPT to update the community with the latest technology trends that FPT has the opportunity to approach at large-scale events. global, such as Davos. FPT Techday is also a gathering place for FPT technology forces as well as domestic and foreign technology experts to discuss and choose appropriate technology directions. And it is from here, the ambition of solutions made in Vietnam, made by FPT based on the latest technology platforms to solve the problems of Vietnam and businesses around the world is triggered.

“However, in fact, putting technology into production and business in businesses still faces many difficulties. The two main barriers are choosing the starting point, scale and appropriate level of investment”, Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa said.

On the starting point and scale: with large IT systems it often takes several years to build and deploy. Meanwhile, technology changes rapidly and requiring businesses to quickly take appropriate adaptive measures to adapt.

The second is financial. The large system entails a large investment cost. Many businesses and organizations want to conduct digital transformation but are afraid of the feasibility of the project.

“We invest in building two layers, helping businesses to shorten the time of digital transformation by 30-50%. One is the platform and comprehensive solution to apply digital transformation technology such as AI, Big Data, Block Chain, Cloud, IoT… FPT makes available the most important and difficult stages for organizations and businesses to understand their business, even if they do not need to know programming, they can do it themselves. deploying a number of digital conversion applications, helping them to experience and evaluate the benefits of digital conversion in a short time, and to develop packaged application products for immediate application to improve efficiency governance and improving user experience,” Mr. Khoa said.

For example, an autoresponder chatbot that takes years to develop. However, the time for enterprises to deploy automatic chatbot with the ability to answer in natural language for tens of thousands of customers every day has been shortened to a few days with the comprehensive artificial intelligence platform FPT.AI.

Or as a previous ERP project usually deployed on average from 12-14 months, then with digital transformation solutions, in the future, the deployment time may be only 3 months. Rapid deployment will also help businesses, organizations and individuals quickly enjoy the results of digital transformation. For example, Tan Hiep Phat Co., Ltd applied FPT.U-services Unified Service Portal within 9 months, solving “bottlenecks” in the dossier approval process. Time for approval of inter-ministerial and inter-departmental dossiers is shortened from 1-5 days to 30 minutes.

Or as MBBank shortens the time to enter customer information from 4 minutes/profile to only 2-3 seconds with FPT.AI Vision information identification and extraction system. Only with the application of FPT Carebook e-book, people can interact and connect directly with the hospital such as registering, making medical appointment via internet. Or students can practice the exercises and test their level at home through VioEdu instead of having to race against time to take extra classes at centers, etc.

After 7 years of investment in research and development, up to now, FPT has dozens of platforms, products and services ready for businesses and organizations to immediately begin the digital transformation process such as the Intelligence Platform. FPT.AI comprehensive artificialization, akaBot robot process automation platform, FPT.U-services unified service portal, etc.

Willing to share experience and methodology of digital transformation

“After FPT Techday, I receive a lot of positive feedback from customers, partners of FPT and friends. Customers and partners want us to organize more events of such scale more often. This is upward and introduces more solutions and services of FPT. Many people proposed that FPT should organize an event of the same scale in Ho Chi Minh City”, Mr. Khoa revealed.

Many guests attending the event said they expected a lot from FPT’s guidance and technology orientation in the medium and long term. They expect FPT not only to share technology solutions, but also to advise more on the organization, processes and people to help them convert digital successfully. Many businesses also expect FPT to have digital transformation solutions and consultancy packages suitable to the characteristics of each industry / field, especially small-sized enterprises. They see FPT as a pioneer pioneering in retelling success stories, including difficulties, tripping and leading small businesses. It is the most rewarding and relevant knowledge for start-ups.

“We acknowledge and will continue to further accelerate the transfer of methodology and share practical experiences that we have gained from the digital transformation journey with businesses, organizations and individuals in Vietnam. Nam,” committed by FPT General Director.

In fact, besides FPT Techday, FPT also organizes a lot of events to share on FPT Digital Kaizen digital transformation methodology from the beginning of 2019 until now. At these events, there is always the participation of FPT Digital Transformation Consultant, Mr. Phuong Tram – former CIO of DuPont – who helped Fortune Global 500 companies save billions by digital conversion. In 2019, FPT organized dozens of digital transformation seminars in Vietnam and around the globe, connecting hundreds of business leaders in Vietnam and around the world to talk about digital transformation and find articles. Practical learning from practice.

“FPT is lucky to be one step ahead and we look forward to drawing back to share with the people behind them so that they can go faster. This will contribute to help Vietnam have a number of businesses transforming and growing suddenly. Breaking is among the top countries in Asia”, Mr. Khoa excitedly shared.

Great vision and smart boot

“Minh Phu’s aspiration is 25% of the global shrimp market share. In fact, 25% of the global shrimp market is huge, cannot be done in 5 years, 10 years. Minh Phu is now just over 4% of the global shrimp market share, Vietnam is less than 10% of the global shrimp market share, but the market is always growing, so we calculated that if Minh Phu had a strong breakthrough, it would be 2045 until it reached 25%.” Mr. Le Van Quang, Chairman of the Board of Directors Minh Phu shared at the signing ceremony of cooperation and digital transformation contract with FPT.

The problem of connecting and using data intelligently and effectively in all stages is an urgent issue that the company raises. “There is no other way than to convert numbers – digitize and convert numbers in all stages,” said Mr. Quang.

A long roadmap, a big desire but if start the most effective, you need to choose the most important and most important issue at each time of the business, choosing the right force. In parallel to build a digital transformation roadmap, FPT and Minh Phu immediately identify which projects will be “Start smart” projects. In the process of implementing projects, it is necessary to prepare the growth posture in scale very quickly. The pilot project may be small-scale in a short time but once successful, it must be quickly implemented throughout the entire group in the fastest time.

It is expected that some of the systems that will be put into operation by Minh Phu first are the intelligent KPI System, the system of trading materials and supplies across the group, the sales system linking production, saling goods, developing the payment system. FPT will thoroughly evaluate the implementation of these systems to achieve the best performance together with Minh Phu. “The aching problems may not be smart at this time, good but we have to work on them and continually improve to become smarter and more effective. No one can be good right away”. Mr. Quang emphasized.

From the story of Minh Phu, FPT General Director believes that the number of businesses and individuals participating in this journey will be more and more. And FPT will continue to invest in upgrading and developing more digital transformation platforms and solutions for Vietnamese businesses. Digital transformation is not only identified as a vital issue for businesses and organizations, but also an opportunity to help Vietnam change its national position. “FPT believes that in order to realize the great vision, it always starts with smart small steps to create momentum for strong resilience later,” Mr. Khoa said.

Source: VNE

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