On November 23rd, a special ceremony honoring FPT Technology Experts took place at Top of Hanoi – the second highest building in Hanoi. At the party, unique traditional songs and newly composed STCo songs were chanted on the stage.

As an identity, a beautiful culture that cannot be missed in gatherings of FPTers, FPT Technology Experts danced and sang along to the FPT familiar theme songs, such as FPT Group, Beautiful lady with the big nose, Music composing company, etc. and all the latest 4.0 technology songs, such as Tech Song and The men who lead the way, which created an emotional night for the attendees.

Mr. Truong Gia Binh – FPT Chairman conducted and enjoyed the STCo songs with Technology Experts.
Mr. Dao Gia Hanh – Director of FPT IS INF and Mr. Le Hong Viet – CTO of FPT Technology together sang along to the songs.
Technology Experts and members of the Organizing Committee performed the debut song – “FPT Tech song” at the FPT Tech Experts honor ceremony.
Three leaders of FPT enjoyed the “Coconut Shell song”.
STCo has created something unique to FPT. The STCo songs were performed in a warm, cozy atmosphere of the ceremony.

Video of FPT Tech song – The latest song debuted at the FPT Tech Experts stage 2018:


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