On December 2015, FPT successfully operated SAP Business All-In-One solution (SAP A1) for United Paints Group (UPG) – The leading paints group in Myanmar after six-month deployment.
The SAP ERP business administration modules implemented in UPG include: Material Management, Sales & Distribution, Production Planning, Quality Management, Financial Accounting, Controlling, Business Objects Business Intelligence. The scale of deployment covers all companies within the group: The headquarter in Yangon, manufacturing factories, 7 sale branches all over Myanmar, a trading company in Yangon and a commercial company of UPG in Singapore.
Myanmar has been currently opening up and attracting a great number of investors all over the world. At the end of 2015, the country also participated in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). UPG leaders, as a result, decided to apply an international standard solution of resource management – SAP ERP. By this action, it is their aim not only to standardize the operating processes, to apply international management standards to corporation administration, but also to enhance management as well as production capacity, through which the quality of products and services along with their competitiveness will probably be reinforced.
Through evaluation, UPG selected a provider for SAP ERP implementation services. There are 2 providers offering these services to UPG, who are FPT and a company in Singpore. After the partners presented their solutions and deployment capacities, offer prices as well as indicated their maintenance programs after deployment, UPG entitled FPT to be their partner to implement the solution regarding the abilities of FPT to satisfy their demands for solutions, consulting resources and deployment. Indeed, FPT deserved UPG trust by successful practical implementation of SAP ERP for many large-scale Vietnamese enterprises, and these enterprises underwent a similar development process like those in Myanmar; moreover, Myanmar and Vietnam have many cultural and economic facets in common as they are both developing countries.
The complete deployment of SAP ERP application has provided UPG with a synchronous and uniform operation administration system through every activity of the company. The associated operational processes and controls over statistics of each department help generate clean, accurate and timely statistics. Figures from all units are centrally managed and transferred to the Data warehouse, which facilitates the leaders to effectively use the intelligent administration reports for comprehensive and swift executive management as well as to make accurate decisions.
According to Mr. Aye Han – UPG CEO, the successful operation of SAP ERP enables the corporation to manage and operate the business activities more effectively. Not only does the tool help UPG to succeed for the time being but it also brings them considerable advantages to develop their distribution system and expand their factories better in the future.
UPG is also known as the first enterprise to apply SAP ERP in the Myanmar market. Previously, the corporation had ultilized ISO 2010 and some of the softwares supporting management operations, however, these performances proved not to be high. At the ceremony, FPT committed to support onsite in one month and help main users and end users to operate SAP ERP system proficiently.
“The project is particularly meaningful for FPT IS because this is a successful ERP contract for an oversea enterprise, especially in an area with great potentials like Myanmar. Also, the project opens up many opportunities for FPT IS in the field of ERP consulting and deployment here.”, Mr. Bui Trieu Anh Tuan, Deputy General Director of FPT IS ERP, emphasized.
UPG is one of the largest private corporations in Myanmar with over 600 employees and a factory with a modern production line. Business centers and agencies of UPG cover almost every region of the country. Apart from ERP project for UPG, FPT IS has been implementing a number of projects in the telecommunication sector here.


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