FPT Corporation, with the advantage in technology, has developed an innovative security camera with two prominent features, including cloud storage and highresolution image.

As a leading telecom company in Vietnam, FPT Telecom is launching a security camera as the core product. FPT security camera’s technological features, which are cloud storage and high-resolution image, set it apart from other similar products in the market.

Cloud storage, thanks to its security and flexibility, has become an effective solution replacing physical storage devices. With cloud storage, FPT Camera users can take their data to the cloud, instead of using physical storage devices such as receivers or hard drives.

Compared to traditional storage devices, cloud storage reduces the potential risks of data loss due to hardware failure, as well as the risk of physical damage for external cameras. In addition, cloud storage allows collected data to be transferred directly to the local server, eliminating the risk of data breaches in maintenance procedures. User data is encrypted and stored separately, to ensure security and privacy for users.

Furthermore, such prominent features as Internet connection and FPT Camera applications allow users to extract and view saved videos in real-time. FPT Camera with local servers help users access to stable connection while watching videos, and the image latency is also significantly reduced, compared to brands with foreign servers.

Waterproof and high temperature resistance are among features of FPT security camera.

In fact, FPT Camera is not the pioneer in cloud storage in Vietnamese market. Previously, several Chinese security camera brands have possessed similar features. However, their servers are located overseas, leading to high image latency and security problems with unverifiable data.

On July 26, at the VnExpress Quy Nhon Marathon 2020, FPT security cameras were installed to better monitor the running track. Thanks to stable Internet connection, data could be extracted instantly, helping organizers to identify winner, as two athletes reach the finish line at almost the same time. Additionally, high-resolution photos from FPT security cameras identify the most convincing evidence for two athletes with almost equal achievements.

Besides, as the wide-angle lens is 106 degrees static, FPT camera offers a greater field of view. High-quality sensors allow security cameras to produce images with the resolution of Full HD 1080p resolution, and clearer, more detailed images. In addition, FPT has integrated many technologies such as noise cancellation, anti-backlight WDR and night vision with infrared technology.

For external purposes, FPT security cameras ensure work stably regardless of weather conditions. FPT Camera can work continuously for several hours under harsh conditions at the VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon 2020. According to FPT Corporation, the camera is rated as IP66, meaning it’s totally weatherproof and works well in temperatures up to 75 degrees Celsius.

Minh Minh

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