The follow article is a collection of the most useful sharings from domestic as well as foreign tech experts regarding the fields of artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, IoT, Deep Learning, Cloud, self-driving car…

1. “Create breakthroughs with open platforms”

In his talk at FPT Techday 2019, FPT CTO – Mr. Le Hong Viet had discussed the direction of research, development, and application of new technological platforms in daily life, including all fields and industries like finance – banking, education, business… all for more efficient connection and life support. His speech also mentioned how the topic will offer breakthroughs in improving work efficiency and business operations.

So, how do FPT’s open platforms and products connect people? There is VnExpress with 30 million readers, FPT Play with 10 million users, and VioEdu built on the foundation of ViOlympic, which had connected 5 million students across the nation.

Materials can be downloaded HERE.

2. “Transforming Finance Industry with AI”

Such topic was discussed by Mr. Anish Pandey, currently the Head of Industry in ASEAN for NVIDIA, with 15 years of experience in leading Asian-Pacific businesses in computing solution – a key element to the success of AI. The whole talk can be view in the video below:

Materials can be downloaded HERE.

3. Practical application of Blockchain, not only limited to cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is quick to come to mind whenever Blockchain is mentioned, yet this is not the sole use to this technology. Blockchain has advantage of transferring data without the need for a medium, thus increasing the efficiency and speed of operations. Furthermore, Blockchain networks consists of multiple independent units which can connection information, but only with mutual concession from all units. Thus, this is a high security network, even if parts of the system collapse.

Blockchain holds the potential to becoming an influential technology in the future. Its inability to be altered makes Blockchain reliable without needing support from a backing company or organization. And in his speech, Mr. Tran Hoang Giang – Project Manager, FPT Software, had wanted to bring a different insight on this technology to listeners.

Materials can be downloaded HERE.

4. “Overcome challenges in developing self-driving car technology”

This had been a topic of discussion from Mr. Nguyen Duc Kinh – Head of FPT Global Automotive, Vice President of FPT Software (leading the Automotive segment of FPT Software). He is also in charge of the providing software service and semiconducting technology for manufacturers, as well as the global provision of level 1 automobiles and gear production of FPT Software. Having graduated from Tohoku University (Japan), Mr. Kinh has a strong foundation and specialized experience in automotive, especially in working with Japanese and Korean customers, and thus had contributed considerably to FPT Software in this particular field.

Materials can be downloaded HERE.

5. “Using AI and Deep Learning to optimize online customer identification procedure – eKYC”.

eKYC is a new product that is now applied by not only FPT but also various other businesses, attracting plenty of interest from the field of banking and finance. eKYC is superior to the traditional KYC procedure in many ways, in particular reducing necessary human resources, bringing better customer experience, and saving costs for businesses.

It is also one of many products researched and developed by FPT Technology Innovation Department, utilizing the modern technologies of AI and Deep Learning to identify users via their ID cards or driving licenses. With eKYC, identification has reached high accuracy and reliability.

Materials can be downloaded HERE.

6. “Why ZCP is the cloud platform for businesses”

Mr. Hyeon Seok Shin (David) – Senior Vice President of Cloud Services Business, SK Holdings C&C, had brought useful and practical knowledge regarding the cloud. At SK, Mr. Shin is responsible for all strategic operations regarding business using cloud platforms, business management, as well as consultant.

His speech can be watched below:

Materials can be downloaded HERE.

7. “Developing Voice User Interfaces with the IoT ecosystem FPT Play Rogo”

Finally, Mr. Le Ngoc Tuan – Head of IoT at FPT Technology Innovation Department, and Mr. Le Trong Duc – Head of FPT Playbox (FPT Telecom) had provided a presentation on a new technology and a trend pursuited by all tech companies – VUI.

Materials can be downloaded HERE.

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