VNG, FPT Software, and LUMI Vietnam had officially become Strategic partners for training-recruitment with FUNiX, particularly in IoT and Automotive.

According to the agreement signed on July 13, students in FUNiX’s Automotive and IoT Programming courses will get unlimited internship and work opportunities at FPT Software, VNG, and LUMI.

In particular, LUMI Vietnam had guaranteed to hire the first 10 students to finish the IoT Programming with LUMI course. The firm will also award 10 scholarships for the course, which amount up to 200 million VND for passionate students who had shown their abilities and orientations in IoT.

VNG Company meanwhile guarantee to provide an unlimited number of positions and internships for students upon graduation. Mr. Bui Quang Trung – Software Manager of VNG had affirmed that, VNG is always needing IoT human resources, and thus always welcomes potential applicants with attractive wages, at 15 million dong for new employees on average.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai – LUMI CEO and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam – FUNiX Founder at the Contract Signing Ceremony between the businesses. Alongside becoming FUNiX’s partner in training and recruitment, LUMI Vietnam also guaranteed to award 10 scholarships for the IoT programming with LUMI course to suitable applicants.

Regarding Automotive, FPT Global Automotive (FGA) – FPT Software will welcome intern students, contribute to the training curriculum, visiting, training, and learning activities at the business, for FUNiX students to meet real working criteria.

About the partnership decision, Mr. Ta Tran Minh, Head of FGA – FPT Software had shared: “At the moment, competition for human resources in Vietnam is quite brutal, and FGA consider the partnership with FUNiX to be of extreme importance for developing a high-quality workforce in the automotive field. We expect the plan to provide us with around 100-200 proficient engineers every year.”

CEO of LUMI Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai, meanwhile, acknowledges IoT as one of the five new and potential fields of Vietnam, with limited human resources, especially in this 4.0 era. LUMI expects the partnership with FUNiX to be an opportunity for the company to contribute to solving this HR problem, at the same time offer more opportunities for Vietnamese programmers, and expand the IoT market in Vietnam.

With the partnerships come myriad opportunities for FUNiX students.

With high regards for such partnerships with the leading firms in IoT and Automotive, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam, Founder of FUNiX had affirmed that, FUNiX is experienced in in-depth training of technologies, thus providing quality human resources for businesses. With the new partnerships, programs like IoT Program will be optimal choices for students who want to educate themselves and improve further in their IT careers.

The 30-week IoT Programming with LUMI course had officially started this July, in the FUNiX Way method, which is: online learning with guidance from tech experts from IoT businesses.

LUMI Vietnam specializes in smart homes, with feature products in IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cloud computing, and so on. The company had researched, developed, and distributed smart home solutions in Vietnam, and also exported these technologies to India, Singapore, Australia, and Thailand. The company current offer unlimited positions for qualified applicants, at 8-11 million VND/month for Freshers, 12-30 million VND/month for Juniors and Seniors.

FGA is a unit of FPT Software which specializes in Automotive, and aims at developing products and applications for the future vehicles, including: Applications in Automobiles, Design, IT/ERP, and Software Testing for Automobiles.

VNG is a large tech firm in Vietnam, which focuses on developing technological applications and services ecosystem, including those of high technologies like Cloud, IoT, VR, and so on.

Source: FUNiX

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