In the afternoon of July 6th, the technology seminar – Tech in Focus #3 with the theme “AI & IoT: Age of VUI” took place in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The event was attended by two technology experts with their experiences on the IoT and AI actual project, which attracted the attention of many technology lovers to listen and discuss. In particular, the event with the presence of two young assistants made the attendees really surprised.

Mr. Le Ngoc Tuan – Head of IoT Department, Technology Department, FPT Corporation started the seminar by presenting the smart speakers of Google and Amazon with the main functions such as playing music, Q & A. According to him, 2018 will be the banner year of the voice interaction era, especially promising with the outburst of many types of smart speakers and the competition of many giants like Amazon, Apple, Google, Xiaomi, etc.

Instead of the fact that now every service needs a separate application to manage; therefore, users have to download a lot of different applications, in the future, there will no longer be available when all devices and applications will be integrated a voice user interface.

Now, with available platforms, it is entirely possible to develop a smart voice-controlled speaker, even for the little ones. For the first time in Tech in Focus, there is the appearance of secondary students with the product demonstration that they build themselves.

Khoi is a 9th grader with basic knowledge of technology that can create a smart speaker named “Pi” on the Amazon Voice Service on his own in just one day, with basic skills such as Q & A, playing music, etc.

My is a 7th grader who has just been studying the technology for a few weeks and is able to build a Q&A chatbot on the available dashboard. My’s Chatbot can answer 20 questions including constructed – response and multiple choice tests, helping the young to learn and revise the knowledge.

Mr. Nguyen Thuong Minh – Product Manager of FPT.AI continued the topic of the seminar by sharing FPT.AI project he is directly implementing.

When the smart speaker market is in a period of strong growth with the entry of many corporations, since 2015, Amazon with Amazon Echo has equipped Alexa virtual assistant. By the end of 2016, Google joined the market with Home virtual assistant product – Google Assistant. Microsoft has Invoke product with the “secretary” Cortana, and then Apple has HomePod with Siri smart virtual assistant.

In the VUI era, what did our Vietnamese language have? Now, FPT has been researching and launching the FPT.AI platform. FPT AI modules simulate the human brain with headphones (Speech-To-Text voices of 3 different regions), brain (Natural Language Understanding – NLU), answering (Text-To-Speech), eyes (vision – the machine can understand what it sees), knowledge (building the knowledge set, with many domains, and deep knowledge).

In addition, with many years of working in the field of AI, he also shared the product implementation: how to apply AI in the individual problems. According to him, developers should use platforms, which are powerful, fully developed and available in the world such as in English, there are Google DiologFlow, Facebook Wit.AI, Microsoft LUIS, IBM Watson; in Chinese, there is Baidu.AI; in Vietnamese, there is FPT.AI. He hopes that FPT.AI will be able to accompany developers to build VUI applications and develop IoT and AI ecosystems in Vietnam.

At the end of the seminar, the speaker presented the audience whose the best question with a backup charger from TechInsight.
MC of the program gave flowers and souvenirs to two speakers participating in sharing at the event.

Tech In Focus # 3 is part of a series of technology events organized jointly by Technology Department, FPT Corporation (FTI – FPT Technology Innovation) and FPT Staff Training School (FCU – FPT Corporate University) to share knowledge and the latest technology trends to the community of technophiles. Tech in Focus #1: “How far is it from Vietnam to AI?” (held on May 11th) with the participation of Dr. Dang Hoang Vu – Head of Science, Technology Department, FPT Corporation (FTI- FPT Technology Innovation), and Tech in Focus #2 with the topic “Big Data Status and some notes to develop Data lake” (held on May 30) with the participation of Mr. Nguyen Viet Cuong – an expert on Big Data and a corporation-level technology specialist attracted many FPT staffs, technology enthusiasts from universities and outside businesses.

Thao Nguyen
Photos by: Duc Anh

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