FPT Techday is an annual event hosted by FPT Corporation since 2013. This year, the event showcased the latest trends and technologies that creates unlimited paths to shape the future, and several practical lessons and experiences from experts both in and outside the nation.

FPT Techday made its comeback on November 19 in Ho Chi Minh City and involved more than 1,000 attendees who were leaders of large businesses, consulting firms and technology experts, and thousands of online viewers. It is the first time FPT Techday taking place in Ho Chi Minh City, on both the online and offline platforms.

With the theme of “Smart Collaboration For Productivity”, the 2020 FPT Techday offers 4 main sections: Intensive seminar for businesses and technology communities; Exhibition of comprehensive digital ecosystem – digital transformation services and solutions; 1:1 Consulting sessions with senior tech experts; and the Tech Arena. Especially, in the seminar session, the 2020 FPT Techday welcomes 20 well-known speakers and experts to discuss the topic “Smart Collaboration For Productivity” and share their lessons and experiences in promoting cooperation between humans and AI-enabled smart machines.

The 2020 FPT Techday’s opening ceremony engaged thousands of online viewers 

The 2020 FPT Techday is an opportunity for technologists, or “the heroes of the era”, to share what they have done to the growth of businesses and the economy. The event also brings experiences and inspiration to the young technology community.

“This is not just a festival for FPT-ers but a festival for technology community in Vietnam. Technologists can exchange their ideas and come up with innovative and breakthrough products. This is the ‘touch point’ of of a strong and prosperous economy,” said Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of FPT Corporation.

Watch the full opening remarks by Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of FPT Corporation, here.

Businesses’ competitive advantages in the new normal

In the next section, Pankaj Rathi, CEO of Deloitte Southeast Asia, shared the competitive advantages of businesses in the new normal. Pankaj Rathi said businesses are facing an insecure future. Covid-19 caused global GDP and consumption to fall below the level of the 2009 financial crisis.

Pankaj Rathi said that several businesses are struggling to survive in the world experiencing dramatic change. Covid-19 is not the greatest challenge in the history, there would be several grand challenges that are brewing for the future. Therefore, “Resilience” would be the key helping businesses overcome difficulties.

Watch the full remarks by Pankaj Rathi, CEO of Deloitte Southeast Asia, here.

Human and technology collaboration – Unleash business potential

Leaders of FPT, including Nguyen Van Khoa – Chief Executive Officer of FPT Corporation, Vu Anh Tu – Chief Technology Officer of FPT Corporation and Le Hong Viet – Chief Executive Officer of FPT Smart Cloud, together delivered a talk of “What FPT is doing and how we overcome difficulties”.

According to Nguyen Van Khoa, Chief Executive Officer of FPT Corporation, FPT has encouraged sales models to end cross-selling amid Covid-19. In particular, FPT has set up a joint sales team to accelerate purchasing processes. At the same time, FPT has also found solutions and developed internal systems to facilitate thousands of employees. Especially, FPT has pioneered and took the lead in several new models, including online shareholder meetings which used AI to identify FPT shareholders. The solution is eventually provided to FPT partners.

In addition to outstanding product advances, FPT has been transforming into the world’s top service providers. In 2020, FPT has signed contracts of over 25 million USD for digital transformation and comprehensive management system. Vietnamese technology engineers of FPT have also cooperated with FPT’s foreign technology experts around the world to automate processes and make a breakthrough in productivity, helping the corporation taking its first step to the world.

Also at FPT Techday 2020, FPT officially launched the eighth company of the Group – FPT Smart Cloud, with the mission to help businesses move to a future digital transformation with speed, flexibility, continuity and intelligence. FPT Smart Cloud brings together all the technological power of FPT to provide and activate new features for customers to implement their digital transformation projects.

Watch the full remarks by FPT’s leaders here.

Capacity of businesses in the new normal

Marcin Miller, Deputy General Director of McKinsey Vietnam delivered a remarks about the capabilities of Vietnamese businesses in the new normal. The company is the consultant for many digital businesses in Vietnam and in the region.

In the next few months or years, businesses need to pay attention to Data ownership. The control of information includes not just the ability to access, create, modify, package, derive benefit from, sell or remove data, but also the right to assign these access privileges to others

In addition, businesses need to make faster decisions and be independent on the providers. Businesses need to proactively use technology and change their mindset and traditional ways of operating.

Agreeing with Truong Gia Binh on the fact of customers being more fastidious, Marcin Miller thinks that cloud computing technology is a secure solution and widely used by many businesses.

Unleash potential and optimize operations in the new normal

In the morning section, host Nguyen Van Khoa, Chief Executive Officer of FPT Corporation, and the guests Mai Huu Tin – General director and Chairman of U&I Company, Nguyen Dinh Trung – Chairman of Hung Thinh Group, Tran Hung Huy – Chairman of ACB, Tran Thanh Hai – Tech entrepreneur and Marcin Miller – Deputy General Director of McKinsey Vietnam.

Watch the “Unleash potential and optimize operations” seminar here.

The new normal state of technology in Vietnam

In the afternoon section, the 2020 FPT Techday began under the theme of “Collaboration to Creativity”. Vu Anh Tu, Chief Technology Officer of FPT Corporation, shared about the new normal state of technology in Vietnam.

Vu Anh Tu said that FPT constantly invested in enhanced technology to solve practical problems and build digital transformation pillars which is a guideline for FPT’s creativity. FPT understands that technology only succeeds when it comes to real life, and being useful for businesses.

Next, Nguyen Xuan Viet, CTO of FPT IS, presented FPT’s strategic roadmap in the next 5 years. According to Viet, FPT aims to develop 6 core platforms, including automation, FPT AI platform, Autology, digital identification, BlockChain and cloud computing.

Watch the full presentations here.

Management of technology efficiency in businesses

On the same topic, Will Nguyen, Head of IT Advisory for KPMG Vietnam, shared some business trends from KPMG’s survey in 2020. According to survey, 71% of CEO said that digital investment is a strategic priority this year.

Among more than 4,000 CIOs before Covid-19, more than 50% of enterprises surveyed confirmed that they would increase their budget on technology. As the pandemic hit, a large number of CIOs said they would continue investing in the sector.

Watch the full presentation here.

MultiCloud model for businesses

Le Van Thanh, Sales Manager of Salesforce and former CTO Dell Technologies, began the presentation by asking why many businesses, such as Zoom and Cloud computing companies, including Microsoft (Azure), Amazon (AWS) and Salesforce, can thrive in Covid-19.

MultiCloud is no longer a trend but a must have in every business. Thanh said that businesses are using many systems with different cloud applications, in other words MultiCloud. The Sales Manager of Salesforce also said that Covid-19 is a push for faster digital transformation.

Watch the full presentation of Le Van Thanh, Sales Manager of Salesforce, here.

Strategic framework for AI deployment for technology leaders

Sharing about the strategic framework of AI deployment for CTOs and CIOs, Nguyen Xuan Phong, AI expert of the Mila – Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute, showed the general picture of AI in the world. According to Nguyen Xuan Phong, countries around the world are pouring billions of dollars into artificial intelligence.

AI’s role and mission in maintaining the health of the global economy

At the beginning, Tim Evans, Chief Executive Officer of  HSBC Vietnam, praised the resilience and growth of Vietnam’s economy.

As Vietnam has successfully contained the COVID-19, HSBC can conduct effective online transactions. Tim Evans said that it is necessary to take advantage of digital interactive platforms to ensure effective face to face interaction. Complex transactions can be done online by using artificial intelligence. HSBC also owns a huge amount of data around the globe and uses AI to mine that database.

Tim Evans offered a solution to bring human together. Specifically in the banking industry, technology is included for personalized analysis of customer behavior, expectations and buying power. In the period of online transactions taking the throne, as customers’ privacy needs to be protected, network security becomes an integral part and priority in the banking industry to help reduce the risk of identity theft.

Model that leverages the power of data in business operations – Datalake

Le Viet Thanh, Chief Engineer of Data Platform of FPT Information System, started a presentation on Datalake which means utilizing the power of data in business activities. Thanh shared that all data mining processes start from collecting suitable data for analysis, then data is fed into the analysis system to convert a raw data source into a cleansed, validated, and ready-to-use form. Big Data Analytics also helps businesses better understand customers through machine learning models to forecast customer intents, helping boost employee productivity.

“To apply AI successfully, businesses need to have data, complete architecture, ‘think big, start mart’ mindset to have an overview of the system”, Le Viet Thanh emphasized.

Watch the full presentation of Le Viet Thanh here.

Smart automation in the Banking – Finance industry

In this section, Bui Dinh Giap, Head of RPA Consultancy and Delivery – FPT Software, presented about the coordination between API to help banks unleash potential and boost productivity. For example, robotic process automation (RPA) is one of the tools in Gartner top 10 strategic technology trends for 2020.

At FPT, akaBot platform is currently the leading RPA platform today. This platform entered the Top 30 rated by Gartner. In 2021, FPT aims to bring Vietnamese technology products in line with those in the world, bringing akaBot to the list of applications in large global corporations.

“We have AI, we have RPA, but we still need people. Cited as the former IBM CIOs, humans and machines collaboration would lead to better performance, not just either humans or machines. Technology will create more jobs than they replace,” said Bui Dinh Giap.

Watch the full presentation of the RPA Platform Director akaBot here.

Cloud Economy – The New Economy

“Microsoft has changed dramatically”, said Vo Trong Dao, Solutions Architect Lead of Microsoft.

The Microsoft representative said that Microsoft relies on AI to connect, distribute and understand data. Microsoft has used products of its own and its rivals and customers to produce a clear picture. In particular, data is the core of Microsoft that is used to analyze problems, find solutions and roll out the best products to customers.

Watch the full presentation of Vo Trong Dao here.

Besides the offline event at GEM Center, the 2020 FPT Techday is also available on virtual platform, allowing users to join and follow several exclusive presentations of other special speakers.

Some of the exclusive remarks include “Big Data and its role in the global supply chain” by Steve Chung, Regional Head of 4PL, Asia Pacific at A.P. Moller – Maersk here. Besides, the “godfather of AI” Professor Yoshua Bengio, founder of the Mila – Quebec AI Institute, delivered a talk of “Towards Deep Learning 2.0” here. Mark Donnelly, Country Head of Michael Page Vietnam gave a presentation on “Inter-organizational resource transformation and coordination for optimal performance – Best lessons for business leaders” on online platform.

Visit the virtual Techday at: https://techday2020.fpt.com.vn/

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