At the reception ceremony for “Doanh nhan Sao do Club” (Red star Businessmen Club) on May 22, hosted by FPT Corporation at F-Ville software village, Mr. Vu Van Tien – Chairman and President of Geleximco, also the first President of the Club had shared: During the harsh times, technology had helped solved 3 major problems for businesses: management, product, and market. Us businesses had received effective support from FPT’s digital transformation solutions for all of these.

I. The four horsemen in post-COVID

Mr. Tran Huy Bao Giang – FPT’s Digital Transformation Director presenting. Photo: FPT Software.

According to Mr. Tran Huy Bao Giang – FPT’s Digital Transformation Director, there are four types of crisis faced by businesses worldwide, including: Complete lost of the supple-demand balance; Liquidity deficiency and Financial crisis; Breaking of the supply chain and Work environment transformation.

FPT itself and its partners are all using the FPT Digital Kaizen® “Battle” Methodology to stay proactive when faced with sudden and complicated problems. Taking a piece from the battle situation, Mr. Tran Huy Bao Giang said that: Businesses and digital transformation partners like FPT can provide the best experts to form a “strategic unit”, and together analyze, predict, and come up with accurate answers to the most urgent matters.

Furthermore, with FPT’s readily available products and technological solutions, along with its ability to create new solutions in just a couple of weeks or even days, FPT had strengthen digital transformation throughout the corporation, as thus, as COVID happens, the firm already got a stable platform for countering, and is ready to share such experience with all other companies.

According to Mr. Truong Gia Binh – President of FPT Group, “there are currently three diseases that we have to face, which are: COVID-19, fear, and minimum consumption. They are changing our lifestyle, business, and societal economy, and it will take around 5 to 10 years for the world to function in a new normal.”

II. Solutions for recovering businesses post-COVID

To ensure uninterrupted business, recover, and make breakthroughs after the heavy consequences of COVID-19, businesses need to solve the aforementioned four types of crisis. And according to Mr. Le Hong Viet – FPT CTO, FPT solution package will help businesses to operate efficiently, following the three principles of: No initial investment – service-bases provision; 2-3 weeks of deployment; and Stable, uninterrupted, all-time operations.

Mr. Le Hong Viet – FPT CTO introduce “quick wins” solutions for businesses. Photo: FPT Software.

1. Solutions for Sales and Marketing

  • The first Online Fair Model with AI and AR/VR technology in Vietnam helps to provide new and unique experiences. The model will adjust exhibition spaces based on brand recognition, helping businesses to easily manage their visitors in real-time, at the same time establishing a convenient connection between different businesses. Those that use Online Fair will also receive media support from VnExpress – the most popular e-newspaper website in Vietnam, with 41 million regular readers.
  • akaEcom – the E-commerce solution currently in use at, FPT Shop, and so on, which can help businesses easily manage their goods, inventories, customer care procedures, and logistics. Real applications of akaEcom had shown an average 20% increase in revenue, 20% increase in successful sales, and 80% of return customers.
  • akaChain – a product ecosystem built on the Blockchain – Hyperledger Fabric platform, which improves security levels as well as procedure processing rates. With akaChain, problems in data connection and assess in multi-channel/multi-platform can be easily solved. Particularly, businesses can easily link information from a customer’s email to their previous transaction and purchase history, divided to online purchases and in-store purchases, and thus can analyze customer behavior to make appropriate strategies for raising demands. The product’s distributed data can also form a single, unique, and unchanging block of data with high security levels, for transparent sharing.

2. Solutions for Supply and Manufacturing

  • FPT SPro – the Procedure Digitalization and Automatize Solution for over 350 procedures, with over 500 simultaneous tasks. With the solution, businesses and automatize job delegation, and sync management and reporting in real-time. FPT SPro also gathers and analyzes data, then return smart SLA reports, personal deadlines, department deadlines, and so on. With quick 7-day deployment, FPT SPro will help businesses reduce 20% administration costs and 70% management costs.
  • FPT SFlash – The flash task assignment and unlimited task assignment in work force level is easy to use, at the same time bringing easy to-do list creating, as well as lively and intuitive personal dashboards. With the solution, each employee can easily share and manage their documents, while proactively tracking and improv their work efficient. FPT SFlash also offer support for real-time smart reports, including:  SLA, KPI, deadlines cá nhân, deadline bộ phận,…
  • FPT eMobiz – The Sales Management System for mobile devices will help improve ordering efficient by 20%, with a 150% increase in revenue, a 20% decrease in marketing costs, at the same time reducing time for ordering down to under 5 minutes. The system utilizes Artificial Intelligence to analyze customer data in real-time, manage orders, inventories, and promotions. Sales supervision and Team Management are also other outstanding features. Furthermore, with the data gathered via the system, managers can make training plans and effectively manage their teams.

3. Optimal solutions in Finance & Liquidity

  • FPT.eContract – this business digitalization and e-contract solution will allow flexible sharing with relevant parties and provide various contraction formats with clear definitions and signing areas. FPT.eContract also integrate the e-Signature solution USB Token, which reduces 25% of time spent on contract signing, and saves 70% of costs compared to traditional contracts. The integration of e-Signature and e-Contract helps create a safe transaction environment, with high security and flexibility in exchanging data and information.

  • FPT.eSignCloud – The 4.0 e-Signature solution for businesses. With FPT.eSignCloud and an Internet connection, clients can sign on e-Contracts every time, from anywhere, with ensured legibility, while only taking 10-15 minutes for signing and reviewing in contrast to at least a day in traditional contracts. The solution is currently assisting our customers FE Credit, Home Credit, Easy Credit, and OCB replace millions of traditional signatures every year, reducing connection time, while maximizing improvements in customer experience.

  • FPT.ePurchase – a centralized purchasing management, from making order requests to delivery. Currently in used in FPT Corporation itself, FPT.ePurchase provides these 5 outstanding advantages: Centralized price quoting management, with reverse auction allowance; Management of orders with suppliers; Order tracking and role delegation by departments and functions; Management, gathering, and sending of purchase requests from relevant units and departments; and Supplier evaluation by variables. After a time of application, FPT.ePurchase had reduced 30% purchasing time in FPT, at the same time ensuring transparency throughout procedures, easy tracking of transaction history, leading the uniform and focused equipment purchase management.
  • FPT.ePayment – a centralized payment management solution, suitable for all types of businesses and answering to major issues prevalent in these businesses, including: Cost and budget management of member companies by departments, items, or projects; Application for advance and online approval tracking of the application; Alarm for runaway suppliers; and Over-budgeting prevention. ePayment is also integrated with Oracle to perform AP bookkeeping (for payment), and AR bookkeeping (for advances), and with TP Bank to automatically transfer at the bank. The results: FPT.ePayment helps reduces 25% financial approval time, increases work efficiency by 40%, and provide adequate control over internal financial risks.
  • FPT.eInvoice brings to businesses e-invoice issuance, management, and reporting solutions on Cloud platforms (onCloud), or on their IT infrastructure platforms (onPrem). FPT.einvoice onCloud is suitable for businesses with low numbers of invoices per month, while FPT.eInvoice onPrem is for businesses who want to self-management their hardware infrastructures and servers. The license for this e-Invoice software is permanent for businesses.

4. Solutions for improving work efficiency and optimize work effectiveness

  • The comprehensive AI platform FPT.AI provides AI-based products and services, which help businesses to reach breakthroughs in work efficiency improvement, operational procedure optimization, at the same time bringing immediate and smooth customer interactive experiences. Its products include:
    AI Conversation: The conversational platform which allows creating smart chatbots that can automatically and naturally converse with customers on multi-channels.
    AI Speech: The sound processing solution which supports both Speech to Text – STT and Text to Speech – TTS, with optimized vowel components of all Vietnamese conversational accents and features.
    AI Vision: Accurately identify and extract data from images, including: Data extraction from personal documents and Face identification. The product also helps businesses in digitalization of document processing procedures and improvement of eKYC.
    AI Virtual Agent for Call Center: Build Virtual Agents that can perform two-way conversations with customers, integrated on call centers. Automatize making, receiving, and redirecting of calls (Smart IVR). These help to optimize employee work efficiency, so that they can force on more complicated tasks (like consulting and sales), thus reducing costs for businesses.

  • akaBot – a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution – as a part of FPT’s akaMinds ecosystem, akaBot was born to bring quick and specific benefits to customers, at the same time save costs, improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase ability to expand current functions. By imitating repetitive tasks and actions that are resource-consuming, akaBot will automatize various procedures in many different fields of: Banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing… with its AI technology. akaBot is easy to install and deploy even when lacking experts or technical support from the provider. RPA also does not require re-construction of current systems, and thus brings quick and effective ROIs.
  • FPT.eLearning – a 4.0 training solution for businesses with technologies like: Standard connection via Restful API; SMTP email server integration; stream media; AJAX and JQUERY support; Unicode font support. The system also provides learning materials in various forms, such as: SCORM, AICC, Audio, Video, HTML, DOC, PDF, EXEL, Power Point, embedded codes from internet resources like Youtube, Vimeo… Further support of storage technologies like Memcache, Local Storage, and Redis Cache helps increase data processing speed, and thus can cater for large amounts of simultaneous users. FPT.eLearning provides full functions in content management, as well as course, test, and survey organization. With the system, individuals may each obtain their own learning space, with their learning activities evaluated and analyzed. Online learning via digital classrooms where teachers and students interact via voice/video calls or by screen-sharing also help reduce 40-60% training costs for businesses.

  • FPT iHRP – a comprehensive HR Management solution which helps businesses in optimizing work efficiency and nurture talents. Different from traditional HR Management software which operates on Windows application platform and distributed data, FPT.iHRP is web-based (deployable on Cloud) and integrates Mobility – the most popular technology of the era. These are easy to use, low in infrastructure investment costs; allow optimization of time/deployment resoruces/initial training; with easy and quick operation, maintenance, and upgrade; support multiple languages, and are user-friendly. The solution offers support for over online HR tasks like: Recruitment, timekeeping, wages, insurance… saving over 30% operational costs for businesses, while increasing work efficiency and improving customer experience.

In Vietnam, FPT is the pioneering business in building and developing digital transformation platforms, products, services, and solutions. At the moment, the group is partnered with over 300 “giants” – businesses in and outside the country. FPT’s digital transformation services are also being completed with an ecosystem of over 60 platforms and solutions, satisfying the need for comprehensive digital transformation of businesses, from management, operation, to customer experience and business development.

Tuan Dao – Thao My

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