FPT Software wants to develop technological start-up ideas in the business.

The event “Intrapreneurs – Start-up with FPT Software” was organized by FPT Software on December 21 to bring a comprehensive picture of start-up activities within the enterprise, opportunities and challenges also when participating in this event.

The event gathers many senior leaders of FPT Software and individuals who start-up at the company with the products they develop.

At the event, attendees were able to learn about the information of 9 “Intrapreneur” developing at FPT Software with their projects and products such as Codelearn, AkaDev, AkaDoc, Deep Clinics, etc. The whole process of start-up will help many individuals who are cherishing their entrepreneurial plans.

In addition, FPT Software representatives will also share specific policies for “Intrapreneur” when joining the FPT Software team (include finance, personnel, profit rate…)

“This is a golden opportunity for developers in the software industry, who are developing potential products to find the development opportunities. The organizers expect to create an open forum for the technology community to sketch the current technology picture with the rise of hot platforms like AI, Blockchain, RPA, etc. “, the representative of the organizers shared.

In fact, when launching a product in the start-up business, besides development opportunities, the founder at the same time faced with many difficulties in capital, operations, markets, etc. Misappreciation of your resources and lack of a favorable environment are often the reasons for entrepreneurial failure. A CB Insights survey also found that 70% of tech startups often fail after 20 months from the start date.

Intrapreneure is understood to be an employee in an organization, given responsibilities and powers, providing the financial and human resources to carry out its initiative until success. This form has the potential to become one of the optimal choices of many good employees and developing products with high applicability for a group of customers.

At large companies, especially technology companies, an Intrapreneur is proactive as an Entrepreneur, with good financial resources, human resources available at the company to implement its innovative initiatives until success without having to take financial responsibility for failures.

In Vietnam, start-up in the business is flourishing. One of the companies that is becoming a “key” for Vietnamese Intrapreneur is FPT Software. Technology startup community interested in information and event registration here.

Intrapreneurs – Khởi nghiệp trong lòng FPT Software

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