Recently introduced by FPT.AI, Voice Maker is a text-to-speech app with multiple advanced features, allows text editing and customization voice by region and gender.

The text-to-speech app, which is among the Artificial Intelligence solution series on the FPT.AI platform, was introduced on November 3rd, 2020.

Voice Maker offers a user-friendly interface that allows easy maneuvering and thus is suitable for both individuals and organizations of all scales. With this app, users can easily perform text-to-speech tasks and download the output in MP3 format.

Voice Maker’s user-friendly interface that allows easy maneuvering.

The app offers a total of 9 voices from different regions, with 7 different speed levels. Voice Maker users can thus make natural speeches that are practical for various real-life applications like voice-over, dubbing, audio books, and so on. They will also receive free conversion for the first 100,000 characters when register here.

Voice Maker’s design include these features for the optimization of user experience:

  • Unlimited characters per conversion: There is no limit on the number of text characters per conversion, so there is no file interruption and cutting.
  • Free listening: User can listen to the whole conversion output for free.
  • Payment by usage: FPT.AI Voice Maker allows free text conversion for the first 100,000 characters every month. For additional characters, FPT.AI offers a variety of deals from 500,000 characters to 10,000,000 characters suitable for different levels of usage.

Outstanding features

FPT.AI Voice Maker allows personalization and customized experience to the smallest details. Below are some outstanding edit functions that the app offer:

    • Automatic content extraction: Users can just need to paste a link on the app and Voice Maker can extract the website’s content to voice in mere seconds;
    • Dictionary: The app can be trained to speech other languages using when spelt using Vietnamese phonetics;
    • Pausing customization: Users can also adjust the output’s pausing;
    • Multiple voices: Output can include multiple voices and different pausing for conversations and quote highlight;
    • Easy text customization: Search & Replace, Undo & Redo functions allows for customization and completion in accordance with demand.

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