In order to encourage students’ motivation for studying and research new technologies, Digital Race’s organizes had announced various valuable scholarships, elevated the total amount of prize to over 5.3 billion VND.

In particular, all participants of the preliminary round are to receive scholarships for 1 out of 4 subjects of: Becoming a Digital Citizen, Building your first website, Mastering your computer, and Creating your first program (with Javascript).

26 individuals with the most excellent performance during the preliminaries and 4 individuals in the championing team will be rewarded with a full grant in 1 out of 3 courses on Automative/Machine Learning/Data Science, each valued at 22 million VND per course. All courses are sponsored by the Gold Sponsor – FUNiX Online University.

The Digital Race – an international competition on programming self-driving care – is a playground for Vietnamese students to attain knowledge and compete with international friends, as well as prepare themselves for the digital revolution. Via the competition, FPT hopes to spread the trend of creative researching and inspire youths with the experience and application of new technologies.

The champion of Digital Race season 3 – Military Technical Academy had been awarded with over 1.2 billion VND in prizes.

The 2019-2020 Digital Race is hosted in collaboration of FPT and VTV and sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology. This year, the competition also welcomes the Silver Sponsor – FUNiX and the Bronze sponsor – Elsa. Compared to the previous seasons, this year’s Digital Race will be much more challenging with more complex technologies, with much higher value in prizes.

Registration for the 4th season of Digital Race, 2019-2010, had officially started, and the deadline for registration had been extended to December 21, 2019. This will be an opportunity for participating teams to prepare better in both knowledge and motivation.

The 4th season also welcomes 2 international competing spots with teams from various different countries, before selecting the leading top 2 to compete in the finals with 8 most excellent team from Vietnamese University. At the competition, teams will need to utilize image processing technologies, machine learning, deep learning, and so on to program their cars to find the shortest path and travel along with any kind of route in simulation. The car prototypes will be 1/7 in size compared with real cars, with maximum speed of 50 km/h.

Aside from previous challenges of keeping on the right path, following traffic signs, avoiding still obstacles, dealing with changing lights… this year’s competitors will have to face “moving obstacles”. In particular, in the final round, self-driving cars of competing teams will have to avoid other traffic moving in both directions, as well as random pedestrians. Furthermore, the cars will also have to park in an accurate spot in the parking lot in different ways.

Teams will have the chance of winning over 5.3 billion VND in prize, including special technology awards like AI Doctor Scholarship, full grants in subjects of Becoming a Digital Citizen, Building your first website, Mastering your computer, and Creating your first program (with Javascript), courses in Automotive/Machine Learning/Data Science, technology experience trip in the USA, as well as English scholarships. The Top 4 teams will also receive an internship and the chance to solve the newest technology problems at FPT.

8 strongest teams will be announced in March 2020 and will compete with 2 international teams to find the champion. Before, universities like Telecommunications University (Khanh Hoa) and Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (HUTECH) had hosted preliminaries to find their own representatives for the national preliminary.

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