Physical storing devices are starting to show limitations, while cloud storage are getting more and more convenient and cheaper.

Several years ago, USB or hard drives were crucial to computer users. However, in the current age, on the tip of tongues is “I will load it on Drive then send you the link” – a sentence that shows the transformation in behavior, as well as the convenience of cloud storages. It also represents that, cloud is no longer a faraway concept, but something common in life.

According to Allied Market Research’s statistics and estimation, during 2015-2022, the cloud storage market will grow 24.8% every year. This is due to the undeniable benefits of cloud in comparison to tradition hard drives and USBs.

Benefits of cloud storage

As per the above examples, the most apparent advantage of cloud is its shareability and remote access. In cloud, files will be stored on data centers, where users can log in to them from anywhere, as long as there is Internet connection.

Another new but important field is security cameras – a device that is slowly gaining more popularity in Vietnam. In this particular field, cloud proves to be outstanding due to cost saving, data safety, and convenience in installation and updates. FPT is one company from Vietnam that had deployed security cameras that use cloud instead of hard drives.

With cloud, owners can not only track their house from everywhere, but can also protect their data in dire situations.

In particular, should there be burglars that broke into the house and detected security cameras, they can easily dismantle the hard drives to erase all traces. FPT’s cameras, however, show a different story, as footage is stored on cloud, where nobody can access except for the cameras’ owners. These data will also be stored from 1 to 7 days at the provider’s data centers, instead of being overridden in cases of storage capacity running out (which will happen with traditional storages.)

Aside from cutting down costs from buying initial recorders and hard drives, users can easily upgrade their storages by contacting provides to change their subscription, instead of investing on new devices.

Furthermore, cloud services is also superior in protection against human interference like hackers, mishaps during use, or even weather elements… On a hard drive, everything will need to done by the owner himself, while capable providers will be in charged in the case of cloud storage.

The future of cloud storage

Cloud storage is getting more and more convenience and safe, with larger storing capacity and lower prices.

In the digital age, especially with the upcoming arrival of 5G, cloud data can be loaded and accessed from any device with internet connections. Moreover, extracting data from the cloud will be no slower than that from a central storage, or even faster and smoother.

In the case of FPT’s cameras, footages are stored and replayed in full HD, not dependent on data capacity, while other cameras on the market often have to settle with low definition for longer storage.

As users are starting to demand faster speed, convenience, data safety, and simplification in devices, cloud can easily replace USBs, SD cards and hard drives, to become the storage tool in the near future.

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