The Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam in late January 2019 had rendered most schools to temporarily close for prevention, resulting in dramatically rising needs for online learning and teaching. It was at this particular time that Mr. Nguyen Minh Duc, Vice Principal of Le Hong Phong Elementary School (Phu Ly, Ha Nam Province), had managed to “spread the fire” of VioEdu – an AI-integrated online learning platform and modern personalized learning approach – to thousands of teachers and students across the nation.

The chance union with VioEdu, the passion for Violympic of a math teacher

As a devoted Math teacher, Mr. Duc had known and accompany the online math competition Violympic since its very first days. After 12 years of developing and popularizing the competition, Mr. Duc has plenty of students participating from various grades and levels, many of whom had won high prizes, at the same having brought the online math solving trend to various students and parents alike. When asked of the reason to his strong love and devotion for Violympic, he fondly recalled: “Aside from being a rewarding competition, Violympic had blessed me with the chance to meet and grow close to the organizers, and feel their commitment. I had admired the humaneness of it, and had gained sincere friendship out of this opportunity.”

Mr. Duc spending his birthday with students.

This relationship with the Violympic organizers had led Mr. Duc to VioEdu in 2019. As one of the first to experience the product, Mr. Duc had immediately felt the various uses to this platform, had since then had greatly favor it. “I was very excited to let my students test this online learning system, for I know that in the future, online learning will allow them the chance to access the most modern learning methods. And they are also vastly interested in this new way of getting knowledge – a friendly yet effective approach. From Violympic, I understand that VioEdu is a meticulously prepared product, not only in content, but also in interface and technology,” said Mr. Duc.

Freely promoting VioEdu

As one of the first VioEdu users, Mr. Duc often receive questions and requests for instruction from friends and colleagues. With time, he had unconsciously grown to become an “ambassador” of VioEdu.

He shared: “I may not understand the features of VioEdu as clearly as its direct builders, but as a teacher, I understand fellow teachers’ demand, and thus focus on this aspect when answering queries, thus make using the system easier. However, I always ask for the help of VioEdu support team when the need arises. They are enthusiastic and always ready for any questions, even at night of 11-12.”

In dealing with the late January Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam, the Ministry of Education and Training had asked schools to temporarily close for disease prevention. It has been over a month since this break, and as a result, there appears a considerable rise in need for online learning and teaching. Everyday, VioEdu receive thousands of demands and questions, having to host instruction sessions and training drills for many schools, teachers, and parents, all to provide students with an online learning environment in midst of a pandemic.

Mr. Duc recalled: “It was at 10 p.m on February 13, some elementary schools in Ninh Binh want urgent drills for VioEdu, but the entire team was working at the Lao Cai Ministry of Education and Training, so I decided to take responsible for this request by myself on the very next morning.”

Thus, Mr. Duc had prepared all training materials in a night, so that he is ready to teach 60 teachers from elementary schools in Ninh Binh at 8.30 a.m on February 14.

Until now, Mr. Duc had introduced VioEdu to Le Hong Phong Elementary School, Lam Ha Elementary School, and Nguyen Tat Thanh Elementary School in Ha Nam, Le Hong Phong Elementary School in Tam Diep, Ninh Binh, as well as various teachers from Bien Hoa Specialized High School, Tran Phu Secondary School, Le Phong Phong Secondary in Phu Ly, Ha Nam, and various others.

Regarding his challenges in training, Mr. Duc had optimistically said: “The hardest challenge is in changing teachers’ mindset when receiving such a new method of learning and teach. While with students, many families still do not own computers and internet connections, and parents are still unaware of the importance in assisting their children while learning. But my faith in the benefits brought by VioEdu had encouraged me to continue sharing.”

An incentive in midst of pandemic

The rising popularity of VioEdu leads to a rising need to seek for information regarding this system. Now, there are days that Mr. Duc receive hundreds of calls and texts asking for instructions on VioEdu. Thus, in order to save time and help spread information further, Mr. Duc had come up with the idea to start YouTube channel with instructional clips on VioEdu. “Each video takes only 5 to 10 minutes to make: I only need to wear a microphone, turn on the recorder, then work and instruct – very simple. Now, I have finished 7 videos, and will continue to make more so that VioEdu can reach more people.”

For videos started with the desire to offer assistance to more teachers, Mr. Duc was surprised when his video attract 1000-2000 daily views each. Moreover, it was from these videos that the Binh Phuong Department of Education and Training knows of VioEdu’s usefulness, and proposes to use this system among its directors. On February 21, 2020, the Department had issued an official correspondence, instructing elementary and secondary schools to deploy free online learning on VioEdu during the disease outbreak.

In talking about Mr. Nguyen Minh Duc, Mr. Nguyen Ba Viet, Head of VioEdu Market Development Department had shared: “Teacher Duc is a teacher, an educational manager of great devotion. His fire had accompanied VioEdu since our very first days, and is a great motivation for the development team to complete the product more and more everyday.”

Along with Mr. Duc, thousands of teachers and students across the nation are currently using VioEdu in daily learning and teaching. Until now, had covered all 63 provinces and various cities, with 11,000 schools utilizing the system to teach and learn online, while total practice count on the system has reached 50 million. Regarding the success of the platform, Mr. Duc happily express: “I am delighted as many people had known and experienced VioEdu. Even more delighted seeing that I had contributed to changing the behavior and teaching methods of many teachers, at many schools. VioEdu had made me more hopeful in a new generation of students, who are more creative, energetic, and have more access to this new technology and learning approach.”


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