Having successfully defended her graduation thesis at the age of 25, Tran Thi Thuy An (from Hai Phong) let out a long sigh of relief. According her, the first emotion she felt was great joy as her efforts had reached fruition.

Tran Thi Thuy An (born in 1995), had finished FUNiX study program in 16 months, while taking care of her small child, learning IELTS, and working fulltime.

After 16 months, An had officially finished the FUNiX study program and is due to receive a Bachelor in Software Engineer – a certification that will later assist the programmer in her technology dream.

Tran Thi Thuy An originally studied Economics, but switched to IT as she realized this real passion. After learning a 5-month Android programming course, in 2014, Thuy An got her first IT job as a Game Developer. In 2016, she worked in the same position at a new technology firm.

And finally, in 2019, after a while of research, An decided to get her university certification at FUNiX, having found FUNiX’s learning style to be very advantageous and suitable for people learning while working and taking care of families like her. The young women believe that, FUNiX’s way of learning with flexibility in time, location, and selected learning materials, as well as the assistances of Mentors and Hannahs, will help her to achiever her goal. And reality has proven this to be a wise decision of An.

Having constantly finished Qualifications at a dizzying speed, An won herself the Speed Learning Scholarship for Qualifications 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7. It only took An 8 months to complete 5 Qualifications at FUNiX, which was 5 times faster than required for each qualification. According to An, her key to speed learning is to use every single free time possible to learn.

In April 2020, An started to work on her graduation thesis on Building an image editing website, and finished the thesis in 15 weeks. During that period, An often communicated online with her instruction teacher, for at least one night per week, and via Facebook anytime she wanted a question answered. Despite many challenges like having to do the thesis all by herself, having to process large quantities of work, and dealing with technical limitations… on the recent August 8, An had excellent finished and defended her graduation thesis.

Via the thesis, I have learned a lot of knowledge and skills… like: Improving knowledge on image editing, Open CV, ReactJS; Time management skill, project management skill and risk handling – which are invaluable to those who work with software,” An said.

Tran Thi Thuy An showing her thesis demo in the online thesis defense session on August 8.

I often study on my smartphone, which helps me to optimize my time,” An shared.

As one of the three students to have only thesis defense, Thuy An believes that the online session brings many benefits to students. They don’t need much traveling, can defend from home, and save both time and effort. Also, in midst of this pandemic situation, an online session means no postponement. The largest disadvantage of defending online, however, is that students may be concerned about problems with the Internet connection, their computer… none of which happened to An. With her constant smile and calm manner, An had slowly but surely won over the Panel.

Talking with FUNiX, she disclosed: “Since late March 2019 til now, I have finished the entire curriculum in just a year and four months, from Qualification 1 to 7, completed my graduation thesis, finished my military studies, and done the IELTS test. Alongside studying, I am still going to work and taking care of my child. Only via online learning can I get a university certification in such a short time. Now that I have a bachelor degree, I can finally achieve higher academic dreams, all thanks to FUNiX. I’d like to express my gratitude for the school, my mentors and hannahs for their assistance in the last 16 months. I wish FUNiX will get more students, and their students to study well.”

Hannah Thanh Huong, who was with An during her time at FUNiX, had described An to be a highly proactive and intelligent student. Despite being busy, An always had a scientific and quick study plan, along with effective learning strategies. Her confidence and proactivity had led to the achievement of An’s original goal.

Van Nguyen – Quynh Anh

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