Overcoming 12 teams including 4 teams from Malaysia and India, FPT University’s Smarthome Control Unit Using Vietnamese Speech has excelled in the IoT Showcase Contest 2019. Let’s talk with Phan Minh Duong – a member of the group, on their journey to this interesting playground.

Reporter: First of all, congratulations to the group as the Champion of the IoT Showcase Contest 2019. What is your feeling when being named as the highest prize?

Minh Duong: Before being called, we were very nervous, not knowing what the result would be like, waiting every minute and every second. And when MC chanted the name, the group almost broke in tears, too happy, too surprised. The three-month effort paid off, not a word can be described. We are also surprised to have surpassed all the strong teams.

The champion team received the prize from Prof. Hsiang Chen-Wang – Deputy Head of Engineering Department – National University Chung Cheng, Head of Judges.

Reporter: In the presentation to the judges, the group was very smooth when introducing ideas as well as answering critical questions. How are you prepared to be so confident and proactive?

Minh Duong: To have such a presentation, the group had to prepare very carefully from the presentation of the product to the presentation slide, to rehearse. Before the lecture, my group was almost awake all night to practice the presentation, to think of the most probable questions to criticize.

Reporter: Do you have any comments about the quality of the products that the teams compete with?

Minh Duong: Before going to the contest, we were very worried about whether we could overcome the team? The products of the teams this year are really good, with high practicality. Each team has different strengths, there are health promotion products, dangerous warning products for users,…

Group presentation of products before BGK.

Reporter: Back 3 months ago, why did you decide to attend IoT Showcase Contest 2019?

Minh Duong: I also happened to know IoT showcase Contest 2019 and learned that there will be teams from many countries. This is what made me apply for participation with the expectation of learning more knowledge, more technologies.

Reporter: What difficulties did the group face in the process of product implementation? How did your group solve those difficulties?

Minh Duong: In order to talk about the most difficult, we must mention how to make Doremon recognize the order of accent of each region. Because my group is in the North, Doremon is very easy to learn the Northern accent, but the Central and the South are a great challenge for our group. The group had to go to the central and southern provinces to collect the voices of the people here.

Doremon product

Reporter: During the process of participating in the contest, which comments/criticisms do you feel the most meaningful?

Minh Duong: The most meaningful comment is also a comment to help the product achieve high achievements today, to mention the comment of Nguyen Dinh Manh Linh judge in the preliminary round. He commented that the product should be modeled to control actual equipment such as lights, fans, televisions, etc.

Reporter: Do you intend to develop and commercialize products in the future?

Minh Duong: In the near future, our team will improve the product by collecting more voice data, increasing the number of control commands and increasing the interaction between Doremon and the user by having to respond to the commands which user controls. Finally, the biggest goal is to commercialize products, so that all Vietnamese people can use them.

Reporter: Looking back on the journey with IoT Showcase Contest 2019, what do you think is the most valuable thing I have learned?

Minh Duong: Journey with IoT Showcase Contest 2019 is a very long journey for our group, lasting more than 3 months. On that journey, the group learned a lot. It must be mentioned that the spirit of solidarity: to overcome difficulties together, solve problems together and bring products to IoT Showcase Contest 2019 together.

Reporter: In the end, who would you like to thank the most after this competition?

Minh Duong: We would like to thank Mr. Phan Duy Hung for always accompanying and guiding the group during the product development process. Thank you very much. And we would also like to thank FPT University Hanoi for supporting and creating the best conditions for the group to complete the product to participate in the competition.

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