Understanding customers, making suitable approach strategies, and personalizing experiences are three factors stressed by experts for businesses who use technology to improve customer loyalty.

Know your customer

In the recent webinar “Elevating competitive advantages to manage and maintain customer loyalty during the crisis” hosted by FPT, the prevalent question on how to manage and maintain customer loyalty for better competitive advantages post-COVID-19 had been answered by many experts.

According to Mr. Nguyen Duong – President of CEM Partner, in this new normal, there have been changes in customers’ demands and expectations. “That’s why the first thing businesses need to do is to redefine their customers and build them a new experience journey,” said Mr. Duong.

The webinar “Elevating competitive advantages to manage and maintain customer loyalty during the crisis”, hosted by FPT on July 15.

He mentioned that customers are not loyal to businesses, but rather to the experience they received. To know their customers, businesses need to define them, what their needs are, their behavior… And the second most important thing need to know what are the touch points between customers and businesses.

“Should they be able to answer these questions, businesses will able to define their customers, and create experiences the way they want,” he said.

In order to create better experiences for customers, Mr. Duong highlights the vital role of technology. However, before applying technologies, businesses need to understand what their customers want, what experiences they want to bring, and what business problems they want to solve. “Applying technologies is similar to getting medicines. You need to know what problems there are to get the right solutions, instead of getting swept away by trends,” he said.

Optimize approach strategy

Having many years of experience in applying technologies to improve customer experience, Mr. Nguyen Anh Nguyen, President of an AI-based culinary social network, had said, while it is important, solely understanding your customers is not enough. Businesses need to categorize their customers to take better care of them, as well bring better, newer, and more suitable experiences.

Mr. Nguyen also shared that with the support of technology, businesses will be able to fully manage and control the flow of goods, know where their stocks are, and who will buy those. They will also obtain a data source for customer categorization for better customer care and customer experience.

Improving customer experience using technological applications is also a golden opportunity at the moment, according to Mr. Nguyen, for if not now, then the risk will be higher later on. The reason is that technological cost is currently low, enabling businesses to freely test and experience, thus learning their own lessons.

Design personalized experience

According to Mr. Tran Hoang Giang, a Blockchain expert and Head of FPT’s Blockchain platform – akaChain, in order to manage, maintain, and improve customer loyalty, businesses need to solve the problem in approaching customers.

He mentioned that technology can build comprehensive yet personalized customer loyalty programs, making it more exciting and surprising for customers, with experience being the foremost priority.

Mr. Tran Hoang Giang, Head of FPT akaChain (3rd from the right), speaking at the event.

Blockchain applications in loyalty programs are starting to gain popularity. For example. This technology has allowed Singapore Airlines to create a synced miles network for its partners, where its customers can use miles to book taxis, hotel rooms, and so on. Another Fortune Global 500 corporation in finance and shopping malls of Taiwan had built a throughout loyalty program for its whole product and service ecosystem using FPT akaChain.

“akaChain is aiming to become a better customer categorization program, which can assist businesses in understanding their customers, and bring forth better customer care program,” said Mr. Giang.

akaChain is a Blockchain platform for businesses with multiple comprehensive solutions in various different fields. With akaChain, businesses can: Deploy loyalty programs, origin extraction…; Automatize and standardize particular procedures to save costs and improve customer experiences; Limit the roles of intermediary parties in operation to reduce costs, bring products closer to customers, and understand their needs better. For more details on akaChain, please visit here.

Source: VnExpress

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