Online learning has become the optimized choice for many young people, especially those born in the 90s, as they can work and study simultaneously. Despite different lifestyles and work, these youngsters still manage to find a mutual path to university graduation, setting out bright futures at FUNiX University.

1. Dang Hoai Nam – “The golden boy” with multiple scholarships

Dang Hoai Nam (1991) is a software engineer in HCMC with years of experience who enrolled in FUNiX in May 2020, with the hope to get a bachelor degree. With his mind set, Nam had completed to FUNiX qualifications in just 2 months, constantly wining Quick Learner scholarships at full grant. Experienced and with clear understanding of the value of knowledge and the university degree, Nam had chosen FUNiX due to the school’s suitable online curriculum that allows him to save time and finish his once incomplete learning path, at the same time elevating his in-field knowledge.

Programming is quite a busy job, so Nam is always trying hard to learn flexibly and appropriately. With his experience in the field, Nam got quite the easy start. He often learns in his free time, mostly in the evening, and sometimes at weekends.

“My experience is to try and set myself clear goals and discipline” – Nam discloses.

According to Nam, 3 important tips to fast and effective learning at FUNiX includes: Google search skills, English comprehension skills, and knowing what to ask mentors. The searching skills, in particular, helps Nam solve most problems he faced while learning. English comprehension, meanwhile, makes learning much easier it allows Nam to access diverse original resources. And finally, knowing how to make questions and direct those to mentors provides Nam with answers to all challenging questions.

“Mentors and Hannahs at FUNiX are very eager to assist me in most cases, and this leaves me quite the impression. It is also very practical, as mentors at FUNiX are all experts with real-life experiences, and thus can provide me with more realistic perspectives and better learning experiences” – Dang Hoai Nam shares.

2. Cao Duy Hai – Chasing passion despite difficulties

Currently working for a printing shop in Hanoi, Cao Duy Hai (1994), has also been learning IT at FUNiX since April 2020. Having always been interested in IT, and having seen the field’s potentials in the future, Hai hopes that his FUNiX experience will allow him a stable job with better benefits.

The online IT learning model at FUNiX is suitable for Hai due to its flexible learning time. There are also mentors and Hannahs that support students along their way, as well as make them feel less lonely. The company of FUNiX experts also helps answer all difficulties arisen in student’s learning path.

After 4 months of full determination Hai has completed the first qualification – Digital citizen, and won the 5% Quick Learner scholarship from FUNiX. For Hai, this is a positive sign, which will encourage him to continue pursuing his passion for learning IT.

“I often spend my free time learning. It is quite challenging to memorize all knowledge while also working, so I try to make detailed notes for important sections. I often spending around 3 hours in the evening to learning,” ­– Hai shares.

To learn quickly, he says, you need to review all subjects in a Qualification and ask others who had passed the Qualification for the easy and hard subjects. From there, he can categorize the subjects and divide his time appropriately: learning the easy ones first and fast, then spending all the remaining time for the harder courses.

According to Cao Duy Hai, he will continue to aim for the University degree, improve his knowledge, and win himself opportunities in this desirable field.

Quynh Anh – Trinh Ha

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