With the technology background, great training program and ideal learning environment offered by FPT University, students have chances to apply the brand new Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create various amazing products that are useful for community.

1. Attendance System using face recognition

A group of student majoring in Software Engineering has come up with a solution called Attendance System using face recognition to support attendance check in classes.

There are many different types of attendance devices today, such as fingerprints or swipe cards, but each type has certain limitations. Specifically, fingerprints can increase the risk of infection, or swipe cards can face technical errors. However, the Attendance System project using face recognition outperforms other devices. Users just need to install the app on their phones and take a selfie, then it can identify their faces and track attendance with the accuracy of 70-80%.

Machine learning is used to train the system to recognize faces through images. In classroom, teachers need to download the app to their phones and take a picture of the class. The image will be sent to the service to conduct identification and the results will be returned to the application, then the application will automatically take attendance for the students in the image.

To avoid omission, teachers need to recheck the result, check attendance for those who have not been identified and click save. The final result will be sent to server and be saved to the database. It should be noted that teachers can only review the photos on the app when having a complaint on attendance issues.

2. Smart trash bin can identify and classify trash

The smart bin called Magic Bin was created by a group of first-year students of Software Engineering, including Tran Mau Hieu, Tran Le Duy, Pham Thien Nhi and Luu Dieu Hoa.

Powered by such technology as AI, machine learning and IoT, Magic Bin can connect to the Internet, collect and store data, open lid automatically when users put the garbage near the lid, identify and sort garbage as recyclable or non-recyclable material, etc.

The aim of Magic Bin is to classify waste automatically, minimize manual sorting and save time and effort. The bin also has a system helping to monitor the bin, such as location, status of the compartments or damage checks. In addition, the bin can also be used in smart homes with remote control apps or virtual assistants.

3. Automated car

Self-driving car is one of the key technologies of the 4th industrial revolution. Such applications as Delivery robots, drones, driver assistance applications and virtual assistants (Siri, Cortana, Google Now) have been researched and put into practice in many countries around the world.

FPT Corporation organized a competition for self-driving car called “Digital Race“, offering the opportunities for students to work with new technology, such as image processing (in identifying lanes and obstacles), artificial intelligence, machine learning and automatic control. These technologies help the vehicle to drive straight, drive though bends, climb hills and know how to adjust speed and direction when encountering obstacles.

After the competition, candidates could develop skills needed for future work that are technological competence, project management, teamwork and ability to handle pressure.

FPTers’ inventions have shown talents of FPT students as well as the quality training of FPT University, helping students be ready to seize the opportunities in 4.0 era.

FPT University is a member of FPT Corporation – One of the biggest technology companies in Vietnam. FPT Corporation developed FPT.AI – A comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Platform, which provides such modules as Natural language processing, Voice recognition, Computer vision and Knowledge base. FPT.AI also contributed in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam. FPT.AI built and developed nCov Virtual Assistant for the Ministry of Health, with the ability to answer questions automatically and continuously 24/7 and answer questions from different users at the same time.

Source: FPT Education

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