Optimizing operation brings challenges and opportunities for businesses. The mobile attendance tracking system FPT.eTMS provides solutions for businesses to save time and cost in employee attendance management.

Attendance management: A complex business problem

Attendance tracking has been a challenge for every business. There is a wide range of attendance trackers, such as fingerprint or swipe card, but none of them can solve the management problem. They have many inadequacies, leading to data inaccuracy and negative impact on decision-making.

Quy (Cau Giay, Hanoi), owner of a company with 200 employees, had a bad experience using fingerprint to track employees time and attendance. The advantages of fingerprint are security and convenient, as employees don’t need to bring card to verify identity. However, Quy stopped using this form because employees had to wait in a long queue to check attendance in company.

A HR manager in a logistics business shared his experience in using swipe card attendance system. Because employees aren’t in the office most of the time, the company has to assign staff to collect every case of late employee, sabbatical leave, unpaid leave, etc. Different employees have different ways to ask for days off, via email, phone call or text, making the assessment extremely difficult.

On a larger scale, we are entering a new normal phase with many challenges and opportunities for businesses. To lead and find a breakthrough, according to McKinsey, businesses need to transform to digital models to take advantage of technology, promote business processes and optimize operations.

Running a digital model requires businesses to streamline, save and optimize resources quickly. If businesses succeed, they will have extra time and resources to invest in other priorities. Businesses also need to get accurate assessments in real-time, helping them build a professional and disciplined HR system.

FPT.eTMS: The remedy for businesses

Understanding the digital transformation mentality of many businesses, FPT has launched FPT.eTMS – an employee time management system on mobile phone. This is part of the FPT digital transformation solution for business operation optimization.

With FPT.eTMS, employees can check in/out, ask for days off or work overtime on phones with WiFi and GPS connection and images. Inter-departmental managers can monitor working status, approve leave application/registration on mobile phone.

The mobile employee time management system FPT.eTMS allows businesses to automate 95% of remote attendance tracking, helping save much of costs and time.

Instead of collecting and reviewing data from documents, messages and emails as before, FPT.eTMS can extract personnel status reports in just a click. Employee data and organizational chart are easily synchronized to the system via Excel file or API.

The benefits of FPT.eTMS are profound. Businesses no longer have to assign staff for attendance tracking or witness a long queue of employees every morning. Attendance tracking on smartphones also helps businesses ensure accuracy and prevent fraud.

With the ability to search, extract, collect and process real-time data, the mobile employee time management system FPT.eTMS is the remedy for the attendance tracking problem in the digital transformation era.

We conducted a survey on the application of FPT.eTMS in a company with a scale of 3,000 employees. The results show that this system automated up to 95% of operations and saved 95% of time in attendance and approval. Compared to the traditional systems, 99% of leaders and employees of the surveyed business felt satisfied with the FPT.eTMS system.

The deployment of FPT.eTMS is very simple and fast, only from 2-3 weeks. Mr. Nguyen Hoang Minh, Chairman of FPT IS and Representative of FPT.eTMS development team said: “The emerge of FPT.eTMS and a series of other solutions reflects the wish of FPT Corporation to accompany businesses on the digital transformation journey. With the impact of COVID-19, digital transformation in Vietnam has become extremely fast. This is the time for businesses to change their scale and models to achieve new goals.”

Source: Vietnamnet

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