Digital operations and customer experience lead to external and internal changes in businesses.

According to Accenture, to grow the core and transform to a digital business, companies must advance on two axes, which are customer personalization to drive margin enhancement and digitally enabled operating model to deliver new experiences.

Cultivating inner strength

One of the most common problems facing businesses is complex internal process, taking a lot of time, costs and risks to complete.

A FPT.AI application. Image: FPT.

To solve this problem, a leading beverage company in Vietnam has digitized internal processes, from the traditional model to FPT Spro. The platform enables business leaders to track workflows and remove bottlenecks and help employees access technology and change their mindsets.

Proper digital operations allows the beverage company to achieve a wide range of profound outcomes: 70% reduction in time, 20% reduction in costs and 50% increase in productivity.

Finance and banking sector has to handle a lot of paperwork and data fields. Each day, a large foreign bank in Vietnam assigns 13 back-office employees and 400 salespersons to processes more than 500 loan origination inquiries, leading to overload, reduced productivity and higher risk.

In 6 months of automating this process based on akaBot platform, the bank reduced 90% of labor costs and execution time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes.

It is clear that digital transformation in internal processes automates the traditional process and promotes human-machine collaboration, helping businesses release their inner strength, increase productivity, speed, responsiveness and customer experience.

Improving customer experience

Besides internal operations, digital transformation also transforms businesses externally by focusing on customer touchpoints.

When it comes to service providers, customer touchpoints are identified through call center and customer service staff. Take Home Credit as an example. With more than 11 million customers in Vietnam, on average, Home Credit handles thousands of incoming and outgoing calls, inquiries, questions and payment reminders each day. With the support of FPT, Home Credit rolls out its first virtual agent in Vietnam named FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call center. After 6 months of operation, the solution allows businesses to handle tens of thousands of automatic conversations a day, equivalent to more than 90% of customer inquiries.

Branislav Vargic, Chief Operations Officer of Home Credit Vietnam, said: “The smart Virtual Agent for Call Center is helping the company reach and serve a large number of customers at the same time while improving service quality and customer experience.”

The next customer touchpoint is bank counter. This is a communication portal that handles large workloads, so that it is easy to get overwhelming and reduce customer satisfaction.

Under the vision to “Become the Most Convenient Bank”, MB Bank is a pioneer in the application of technology in business operations, developing a digital banking system with superior benefits to the user. One of the newest products of MB Bank is MB Family (also known as “Gia đình tôi yêu”), a family-oriented product with benefits for every member. MB Bank is looking for automatic information extraction from member sign-up documents, in particular the National IDs of MB Bank credit card owners. MB Bank has selected FPT.AI Vision to enable digitalization and acceleration of the data entry process while improving customer experience.

“By learning, improving, and applying technology in every customer interaction, businesses can deliver a more personalized and seamless experience across channels. sales”, shared FPT representative, “With the FPT Digital Kaizen methodology and product ecosystem, FPT is ready to accompany Vietnamese businesses on the journey of digital transformation, developing a digital economy in Vietnam.”

Source: VnExpress

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