AI has been an effective tool to enhance customer experience and maintain seamless communication in many businesses. FPT.AI chatbot’s self-supervised learning and other superior features are the remedy for information management problems, helping businesses achieve a breakthrough and gain competitive advantages.

In the past, user data was extracted from “variables” in bot scenario. However, the values of these Variables are solely stored only for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the values, i.e. user data, in the conversation will be deleted. Meanwhile, customer database is the key attribute to business success, helping businesses reach target customers, identify customers’ needs and devise appropriate strategies.

Understanding the importance of user information, FPT.AI Conversation has launched CRM Card to quickly store customer data provided to chatbot on businesses’ CRM systems, or extract customer information from CRM and save it in Variables. As a result, businesses can manage such activities as interaction and customer care and build lasting relationships with customers.

When chatting with chatbot, customers may provide lots of crucial information, including full name, age, date of birth, phone number, contact address, etc., to complete tasks such as ordering, making an appointment or setting a consultation. In addition, depending on each field, businesses can build several information fields, such as hobby or financial statement of user.

CRM allows FPT.AI Chatbot to extract customer information provided in the chat box and store it into database system. Businesses can exploit this invaluable data to conduct campaigns targeting the right customers and generate revenue. Furthermore, customer activity log and transactions can also be stored and managed easily.

In addition, CRM also enable businesses to better understand customers’ behaviors, provide the consumer with a more useful or desirable product/service and save time. Especially, it retains existing customers and seeking for new potential customers.

FPT.AI Chatbot can be customized to fit the needs of business. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Chatbot can provide accurate answers and learn to identify customers’ behaviors after each conversation. The Chatbot is constantly trained by Machine Learning and natural language processing (NLP) to be able to answer a variety of questions in different forms.

FPT.AI Chatbot ensures seamless integration with business’s internal systems (CRM, ERP), payment software, customer support software, etc. By making API calls, the data will be synchronized, revised or added according to the needs of the business.

FPT.AI Conversation is developed by the FPT Technology Innovation Department, under FPT Corporation, being evaluated as one of the most intelligent and easy-to-use bot platforms on the current technology market now on. FPT.AI Chatbot allows businesses to communicate with customers through direct and personalized messages, increasing customer experience. In particular, FPT.AI can be integrated with popular messaging channels such as Zalo, Viber, Facebook Messenger or Livechat and other chat interface. FPT.AI has become a partner of many companies and large corporations, providing many solutions to support businesses to optimize processes and gain great values.

Thao Chi

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