In the coming years, Vietnam will have the arrival of “new unicorns”. Recently, the government has issued many policies with incentives for start-ups in the field of science – technology with the “accelerating” and disrupting expectation of the startup community, especially in these fields which are related to AI and Machine Learning.

The key to success for any business is leading the market with latest technologies: “Where is the next destination of technology?” Let’s listen the answers and discussions from the CEOs of tech companies, startup talent, full stack developer, devops, software engineer, etc. – Whether programmers or marketers, this year’s event will surely bring the golden chance for learning a lot of knowledge and opening the door of innovation in Vietnam Web Summit 2019.

Vietnam Web Summit revolves around major issue that are the focus of technology community. Representatives from FPT also participated in this event. As a speaker at the event, Mr. Le Ngoc Tuan – Head of IoT in FPT Technology Innovation Department will share on the topic: “Revolution in voice communication – A turning point for user experience in digital industry”.

It can be seen that the appearance of virtual assistants from big companies like Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa on their devices has changed the behavior of consumers (almost all people using of technological equipment). Consumers tend to search and manipulate more by voice because of the outstanding advantages from VUI (Voice User Interface).

In particular, smart speaker devices and related devices that support voice assistant have increased 68% in sales and are expected to increase exponentially in the near future along with devices have support for voice search (like smartphones): 20% of all searches on Google are now by voice; 65% of people 25-49 years old use voice search at least once a week in 2018. It is said that the appearance and development of Voice Assistant, as AI and IoT are increasingly improved, consumer behavior is turning to voice manipulation, the Voice user interface (VUI) will be a turning point in extend user experience in a digital industry.

Mr. Le Ngoc Tuan has 12 years of experience in embedded programming, robots and automatic control devices, 8 years of experience in Project Manager; 5 years of IoT and Robot Product Manager. With a passion for IoT and Robotics, he devoted himself to activities connecting and promoting the IoT Vietnam community through activities such as Hanoi Maker Project, International Linkage with 660 FABLAB national chain, Member of Fablab Vietnam, IoT alliance, ABC Maker, SMAC Challenge, …

To understand more about the revolution in user interface design and user experience in the digital industry, readers can register to buy tickets and attend the Vietnam Web Summit 2019 event in Danang here.

Vietnam Web Summit is an annual series of events for the web development and advertising community. Considered as one of the biggest web events in Vietnam, with the participation of big companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Nielsen, etc, Vietnam Web Summit 2019 will be the most anticipated technology banquet in year-end period!


In addition, Vietnam Web Summit will continue to support the exhibition with the performances of businesses and start-ups. This is also the place to demo a lot of products and technologies of businesses. Recruiting is also one of the activities that bring valuable value for both businesses and attendees. This is a great opportunity for businesses, developers to update the latest technology and communicate directly with the experts.

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