Students from grade 1 to 9 nationwide will stand the chance to join a compelling intellectual competition during the academic year 2019-2020.

Mathematical competitions always have a wide appeal for students who loves math. Some of the large-scale and annual math competitions are Violympic, an online math and physics competition, and the VioEdu Mathematical Arena (FPT Corporation).

Unlike examinations that are time-consuming and stressful, the VioEdu Mathematical Arena is a fascinating intellectual competition offering a wide range of knowledge and skills for students. With the format of competing and prize exchange, the first edition kick started with the theme “Weekend Wits” from January to the end of August 2020.

A successful first edition

In the first edition in the year 2019-2020, the competition recorded hundreds of thousands of students from grades 1 to 6 nationwide. This appeal came from a vast array of benefits. The large-scale, online competition enabled easier registration, students didn’t have to participate in all matches, the competition became more intense during live matches, students’ rankings were updated right after the match, attractive prizes, etc.

The competition is an opportunity for students to catch proactive learning habit, practice their critical thinking and essential tech skills, and boost their interests in learning and confidence.

“My kid used to be intelligent yet shy. By participating in challenges and arenas on VioEdu, from a shy child, he turns into a confident boy,” shared Huy Thang, father of Nhat Minh (Grade 2, TH Ngo Quyen School).

“My kid found it hard to use pocket calculator in the math class. After joining VioEdu, his techniques become faster than mine,” said Ngoc Ba, father of a grade 1 kid who reached top 70 in the final round of the 1st VioEdu Mathematical Arena.

“As VioEdu ended, my students always ask me when the competition returns. This shows how attractive the competition really is,” said Thanh Ha, a teacher at Doan Thi Diem High School, Hanoi.

Vu Nguyen Ha My (Ngoi Sao High School, Hanoi) participates in the VioEdu Mathematics arena.

Based on these profound benefits, VioEdu and several educational institutions, such as the Education and Training Department of Go Vap District, Tan Phu district (Ho Chi Minh city) and Me Linh district (Hanoi) and primary schools across Vietnam, implemented a regional arena for students.

Igniting students’ passion for math

In October 2020, VioEdu Mathematical Arena officially returns for its largest edition and the brand new format. This time, the competition allows students from grade 1 to 9 to join, challenge students with several logical questions, students have 20 minutes instead of 15 minutes as the previous edition.

In particular, right after students complete their assignments, the system will return assessments, show their strengths and gaps in knowledge and suggest the appropriate learning roadmap. This make the process of learning and taking exams on VioEdu closed and linked, offer accurate assessment and increase efficiency for students.

Besides gifts, students will have the opportunity to accumulate VioEdu diamonds. Diamonds are used for ranking and a certain number of diamonds can be redeemed for practical gifts. Badges and rankings are sources of motivation, helping students become eager to learn and compete with each other.

Throughout the school year 2020 – 2021, the new VioEdu math arena will take place every Friday night, offering a entertaining activity for students after a week of studying at school and bringing math talents closer to international competitions.

Besides the mathematical arena, students can garner knowledge on VioEdu thanks to the interesting and high-quality curriculum. Such profound features as vivid videos of lectures and math theories, large bank of questions, preparation for Violympic, semester exams and other compelling competitions, are the points that makes the online education system stand out from the rest.

Further information about VioEdu at: Hotline: 1900 636 111/0353.055.060.

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