With the aim to build a generation of global citizen, Isaac Newton school focuses on creating an advanced studying environment with modern education products, and VioEdu is what we have always been looking for,” said Mrs. Dang Huyen Phong – The Principal of Newton Elementary, Hanoi.

VioEdu is not only a personal platform for effective learning, but rather developed to become a useful tool for the school to manage and improve teaching and learning quality, understand students’ individual strengths and weaknesses, and support and assist students in their learning journey.

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1. VioEdu for effective control of teaching and learning quality

With VioEdu, the school can have full control over all teaching and learning activities at school via the admin account. Particularly, this account enables creating and managing of the schools’ teacher lists as well as student profiles. And the control is not only about numbers, also, as it also tracks teaching and learning progresses of each grade and individual. The reporting system will also be automatically updated on a regular basis, thanks to its connecting with secondary accounts, and thus the school can always view and extract reports on:

  • Amount of homework and tests from teachers, number of lesson plan and test question banks created by teachers…
  • Average range of scores for each class and each subject
  • Compare changes in score ranges on a weekly basis
  • Current number and changes in number of students learning on the system
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each student in the school
  • Teaching content and quality of each teacher in the school

VioEdu also acts like a bridge between the school and parents of students via the electronic communication book and other systems that report each student’s learning results.

2. A high-quality and secured databank

In deploying online learning, aside from control matters, a challenge faced by most schools is the lack of a high-quality databank for teaching contents. To solve this problem, teachers can utilize the readily available education resources on VioEdu online education system, and add or create new content unique to their schools. This has made VioEdu immediately reliable, popular, and effectively deployed at various schools across the nation in the recent “learn at home’ phrase. Notable events include:

In stead of having to find a way to “digitalize” lessons, or hold online classes in various limited conditions, teachers can guide students to learn online by themselves via VioEdu’s video lesson system. They can also delegate exercises and tests for students on VioEdu, instead of doing this the tradition ways.

VioEdu also helps storing school data such as: class lists, learning reports, teaching reports… thus saves costs, time, eliminates large quantities of profiles and papers; assists schools in quick and easy data extraction, especially when there is the need for statistics and analysis. Most importantly, all the data will be stored completely independently, securely, and privately between schools.

3. Reduce workloads for teachers and schools

“VioEdu can create a detail exercise analysis which pinpoint students’ errors in their workings of the respective exercises, and thus reduce ample teaching pressure for teachers,” said Mr. Le Quan, Isaac Newton School.

With AI applications, the online learning system VioEdu can automatically generate learning models which represent the knowledge of each student, at the same time analyze and report individual strengths and weaknesses. Now, the AI can even grade skills in the leaning models, and match them with specific goals.

VioEdu can automatically generate learning models which represent the knowledge of each student.

Most teachers, after using VioEdu, agree that the online learning system can reduce their workload and pressure using the most advanced and modern technologies.

In particular, VioEdu integrates different gamification methods, which stimulates students’ interest in learning and competitions. It also offers quality and diverse course contents, which adhere to the curriculum issued by the Ministry of Education & Training. The system also utilizes AI and Adaptive Learning to personalize students’ learning experiences, and suggest personalized learning paths for each student – which is close to impossible with traditional teach methods. Teachers can also build their own “lesson plan banks”, as well as create homework and tests for students on the system. VioEdu can also help teachers grade and gather results, and thus reduces time spent on paper work, reports and of student categorization.

4. Diversify teaching methods and improve education quality

As we approach the digital age, education is regarded as a highly potential field to pioneer and utilize the benefits of Information Technology. And the 4.0 trend of education is personalization and proactive learning.

“Education has become this individual ‘treasure hunt’, but with inspiration, teacher guidance, and knowledge sharing in teams. Technology has enabled such a task, and VioEdu is starting right on this track. It is now natural that we learn little and understand large, and study what we need. Learning has become more attractive, as students can now freely learn, explore, and create – without limits”, said Mr. Truong Gia Binh – President of FPT Corporation.

For such a thing to happen, students must be able to learn proactively, effectively, and develop their abilities along with learning. Each student have their own strengths, and thus need to grow differently, and evaluations must be done respectively.

Vioedu’s lesson bank is designed as intuitive animations, which shall interest students through each lesson. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Luong (Vice-Principal of Ban Mai Elementary School, Hanoi), had said: VioEdu is a “different” means of learning for students, which can encourage and inspire students to learn. On a professional view, our school highly regard the flexibility and excitement of the system’s means of teach, with video lessons portraying various aspects of life.

Systematic, uniform, and reliable application of online education platforms will shorten the path to “4.0 integration”, elevates education quality as well as schools’ competitive advantages. With VioEdu, Vietnam’s education will improve its teaching quality, and embrace digital transformation with the help of advanced technologies.

Currently, VioEdu had introduced a mobile app. Readers can download the application on Google Play or App Store.  Installation instructions can be found here.

Thu Minh

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