On the recent June 28, the final national round to the first Asia International Mathematical Olympiad (or AIMO) in Vietnam, had been hosted, and all participants of the round had been awarded with free used of the Online Education System VioEdu for an entire year.

The award ceremony for AIMO National Finals 2020 had been hosted on June 28, and had welcomed various sponsors, collaborators, news site, parents, and 527 competitors. Before on the same day, these participants had competed in Math at TH School Hanoi, as well as attended multiple experience activities and skill contests.

Participants and their parents at the Award Ceremony for AIMO National Finals 2020.

As the largest and most esteemed Mathematical Olympiad in Asia for students of grade 2 to 12, with participants coming from around 20 nations, AIMO has been hosted annually since 2012, by the Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Union. The competition was first hosted in Vietnam in 2020, by the Center for Education Research and Application – VNU School of Education – Vietnam National University, along with the Online Education System VioEdu (from FPT Group), and the Tuniver Education Group.

With technological assistance from VioEdu, over 30.000 participants across Vietnam had been able to completed the February Preliminaries online. Out of those, 572 had excellent been chosen to compete in the National Finals on June 28, and among those, 344 had been awarded, in particular: 58 Gold Medalists, 112 Silver Medalists, and 174 Bronze Medalists. From these best seeds, 50 will be selected to represent Vietnam in the International Finals, to be hosted in August 2020.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh – Deputy Head at FPT Technology Innovation Department, representing VioEdu to award the scholarships.

As the co-host of the competition, the Online Education System VioEdu had awarded 572 free courses on VioEdu for a year for all participants in the finals. Through this action, VioEdu hopes to help cultivate mathematics talents across the nation, as well as equip this new “global citizen generation” with necessary technological skills, for their future battles on the international playground.

344 medalists from the National Finals had received certificates, medals, and other presents from the organizers and sponsors.

VioEdu is not only a platform for effective learning of individual students, but is also developed with the aim to become a helpful tool for schools to improve management, teaching and learning quality, understand students’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as effectively support them on their learning journeys.

VioEdu contents are created in accordance with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training, with lessons and knowledges developed by leading educationalists and experts from many Departments of Education and universities. Lessons are also intuitive and lively, built using gamification elements, with encourage awards that will generate excitement for students when learning. With just one Internet-connected device, all students in Vietnam will be able to assess this modern education, eliminating distances between regions.

At the moment, there are already over 400 lesson videos and 100,000 contents on the system’s website. Along its development course, VioEdu will cover knowledges of all grades for the subjects: Math in Vietnamese, Math in English,  English, Physics, Chemistry, and STEM.

The VioEdu app can be found on Google Play or App Store. Installation instructions can be found here.


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