VioEdu has launched a promotion program named “Special gifts and fee discounts” which is exclusive for FPTers.

August 2020 remarks a year of establishment and development of the VioEdu online e-learning system. To date, the AI-powered educational product has achieved initial successes. There are 600,000 active accounts, including students from 17,000 schools across Vietnam. In 2019, VioEdu was the only Vietnamese product to win the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA Awards). In March 2020, VioEdu was honored to receive a Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha. Besides, its high-quality curriculum and superior features allows VioEdu to become a popular e-learning platform in several schools.

VioEdu has offered a preferential policy for accounts purchasing courses from August 1 to August 31. FPTers who buy course packages for their kids will receive the promo code worth up to 60% off. This means the course fee will reduce from VND 960,000 to VND 384,000 per year, equivalent to only VND 32,000 per month. In addition, to deliver a special gift for FPTSmall, VioEdu, in collaboration with FPT Trade Union and Parents of FPT Small, has organized a competition named “FPTSmall Arena” with hundreds of attractive prizes.

“With less than 400,000 VND per year, equivalent to the amount of fee of other subjects per month, the fee is affordable for every student in Vietnam,” Ms. Ngan, FPT HO shared. Since the system launched at the end of 2019, many of FPT’s employees have helped their children to self-study on the e-learning system VioEdu. Especially, amid Covid-19, it is wonderful to see the tremendous progress the students have made, as they had more time to interact with VioEdu. The system not only possesses high-quality materials that meet the standards of the Ministry of Education and Training, but also has the ability to suggest strengths, weaknesses, and personalized learning roadmap for students. Since then, parents can easily grasp their child’s strengths and have a suitable plan to support their child.

“With this new incentive program, besides tangible “perks”, VioEdu hopes to spread more practical values to all FPTSmall,” Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc, VioEdu Project Director shared.

To receive promo code, FPT-ers please access the link:, enter your email, then the promotion code will be sent to your email immediately. They just need to visit the website to set up their own account, choose the one-year course package, enter the code, and pay for the course.

VioEdu is an e-learning educational platform developed by FPT Corporation’s Technology Innovation Department for inter-level students, and inherits 12-year experience of Violympic team in organizing competition within education for kids.


Such features as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Adaptive Learning allows VioEdu to identify strengths and weaknesses of students and suggest personalized learning roadmap, helping students access to standardized knowledge, save time and increase efficiency.


In addition, the system also uses a series of gamification and animation to increase engagement and learning efficiency. After 1 year of establishment, the system recorded more than 100 million practice sessions and 600,000 active accounts from students across the country.


For further information regarding offers in August and FPTSmall, please visit Website, follow Fanpage VioEdu and contact us via 1900 636 111 or 0353 055 060.

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