VioEdu is the first online education system in Vietnam to utilize AI technology in designing personalized curriculums for students, help them in improving personal strengths, self-studying, and revising effectively.

Since April 13th, students across the nation can start to install the VioEdu mobile app for smartphones in both Android and iOS. This achievement comes from the hard work of tech experts and esteemed educators, who wishes to bring the best learning environment to students, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak.

FPT Technology Innovation department had officially launched the VioEdu app for students.

The lessons on VioEdu are designed in visually-attractive animations, which will make students excited and motivated through each lesion. According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Luong (Vice-Principal of Ban Mai Elementary School, Hanoi), VioEdu is a “different” learning method for students, which can motivate and interest them. On the technical side, the school’s administrators highly regard the flexibility and interestingness of the lesson videos, with practical contexts from real life.

To learn well, you will need to practice, and now with the VioEdu mobile app, you can easily revise and do exams with just a few clicks. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Adaptive Learning, the system and detect individual lacking in knowledge, as well as weaknesses and strengths, in order to suggest a suitable learning path for the best results.

Nguyen Ngoc Ha, a student of Class 4A0, Hanoi Star School, had excitedly share: “Now, with the VioEdu mobile app, even when I’m hanging out with my family or without a computer, I can still borrow my parents’ iPad or phone to do my exercises.” Mrs. Ly Thu Trang – Ngoc Ha’s mother, was pleasantly surprised to see her daughter’s results on VioEdu, for her love for studying way surpasses expectations: “After every exercise, she receives “diamond” and “gem cups”… and competes with friends. She is more hardworking and studying voluntarily now, without me having to urge her”.

Mr. Duong Le Minh Duc – father of Duong Minh Thu, a student from Doan Ket Elementary school, shared: “Minh Thu has to change her school because we moved, and her old school is too far away. At first, she was a bit crestfallen and cannot catch up with her new classmates. After learning and getting to know VioEdu, however, she has grown more confident and proactive.” These days, Minh Thu is excitedly exploring the VioEdu mobile app, and often brag to her father about the various awards she had received from the app.

Until now, 63 out of 63 provinces and cities all have students who study on VioEdu, and the number is still growing. Over 15,000 schools across the nation are using VioEdu for their students to learn and exercise online during this pandemic. Total amount of questions being reviewed and practiced on the system has now reached over 200 million.

Download the app on Google Play or App Store. Installation instructions can be found here.

Thao My

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