The introduction ceremony for the online learning system – VioEdu, was hosted on August 27, 2019, at JW Marriott. Here, the Edtech product had proven its use as a breakthrough in education, bringing forth benefits for students, teachers, parents and schools alike, with students being its focus.

The ceremony welcomed numerous esteemed guests, with representations from the Ministry of Education and Training, educational officials from the Department of Education of Northern regions, principals and vices of Elementary and Secondary schools in Hanoi, as well as preeminent teachers, experts, and influential individuals and organizations in the education field. FPT’s directors and VioEdu’s project team are also among the guests.

FPT Director – Mr. Truong Gia Binh had started the event by sharing about FPT’s mission regarding the education of Vietnam, regarding it as the backbone of the country. Following the organization’s pioneering steps, VioEdu was born as the product that represents FPT’s will to promote technology, integrating advanced tech and education methods for the nation’s innovation education.

FPT Director – Mr. Truong Gia Binh shared about FPT’s mission regarding the education of Vietnam.

VioEdu is an Edtech platform for K-12 students, which uses the curriculum established by Vietnamese textbooks. The exercise system and online tests apply various new technologies, including the modelling of knowledge using graphs, big data analysis, and AI for a personalized study experience. This leads to increased studying efficient, thus reducing time spent on studying by 30-50%. The students can therefore learn with focus, at the same time having spare time for physical activities and hobbies.

VioEdu’s exercises closely follow the learning path established by the Ministry of Education and Training, and available lessons and knowledge are developed by a team of leading educationers and experts from the Department of Education and various universities. Lessons also embrace an intuitive and dynamic style, which resembles games and provides incentive to encourage studying. Now, students across the nation can all gain access to a new innovation education, only with a device that is connected to the Internet. VioEdu has therefore reduced the gap of knowledge that incurred out of geography.

At the moment, the system’s website are supporting 400 video lessons, which cover over 100.000 contents. VioEdu are now aiming to cover all knowledge regarding Math in English, Math in Vietnamese, English, Physics, Chemistry, and STEM.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh – FPT Vice-CTO shared: “Through testing over 2000 elementary students throughout Hanoi, 73.8% had shown clear improvement after 3-6 months of using VioEdu (from the teachers’ objective perspective and evaluation).”

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh – FPT Vice-CTO.

Furthermore, the system also includes an administrative function for schools and teachers, which helps reduce 95% of time spent of making exercises and practices, save grading time, and assists teachers in controlling the performance of students, leaving time for them to focus on individual student’s strengths and preferences. Comprehensive administration over teaching and learning at schools is also possible.

In sharing about VioEdu, Mr. Le Hong Viet – FPT CTO, and also a part of the project team: “With VioEdu, we hope that each Vietnamese student will have an AI learning assistant, which improves the learning efficiency.”

The most important event at the ceremony is the symbolic bell-ringing for the official nationwide introduction of the online learning platform VioEdu. Before, this smart Edtech platform had already been applied at the Hanoi Star Schools, as well as at FPT Cau Giay Elementary and Secondary School throughout all grades, placing full faith in the platform’s efficiency.

Guest representatives and FPT directors pushing the bell – symbolic starting the online learning platform VioEdu.

Phuong Thao

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