Chatbots not only optimize business performance, but also deliver seamless experience and customer satisfaction. Advanced technologies and brand new features that are constantly updated and developed by high-tech expert team make FPT.AI chatbot a smart choice for many businesses.

A new feature called Webview has been added in FPT.AI chatbot to meet business needs which are customer experience improvement and ultimate breakthroughs.

Previously, when chatting with customers, chatbots would ask users to provide additional information by incoherent questions. Then, chatbots gathered the information and asked the user to confirm or correct them if something goes wrong. This process seems simple, but somehow frustrates users due to such problems as lack of seamless conversations or navigation to third-party apps (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and others).

Webview completely resolve these problems. Users just need to click on the button linking to Webview in the chat and perform the tasks right on the chat interface. Users can also enable/disable, scroll up/down to see the information in text without being redirected to other websites or applications. For example, users can order food and drink through the chatbot integrated on restaurant’s Facebook Messenger. The menu will be displayed in the chat instead of redirecting the user to restaurant’s website as before.

In addition, the simple interface of Webview allows users to save time and effort. Especially, in some tasks that require several pieces of information, such as opening a bank account, both chatbot and users have to ask and answer dozens of questions, making it time-consuming and error-prone. But now, Webview will help users to check, edit and add information quickly and accurately through the web interface displayed in the chat.

According to the representative of FPT.AI, the information storage of Webview and chatbot are two separate systems. Therefore, users’ personal information, including full name, age, date of birth, phone number and address, will be store and manage independently in the database of businesses, helping them conduct marketing campaigns to target potential customers. Furthermore, FPT.AI Chatbot also meets the increasingly stringent data protection requirements of businesses.

FPT.AI Chatbot can be customized to fit the needs of business. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Chatbot can provide accurate answers and learn to identify customers’ behaviors after each conversation. The Chatbot is constantly trained by Machine Learning and natural language processing (NLP) to be able to answer a variety of questions in different forms.

FPT.AI Conversation is a chatbot development platform developed by the FPT Technology Innovation Department, under FPT Corporation. FPT.AI Chatbot provides seamless conversation allowing businesses to communicate better with customers and increase customer experience. In addition, FPT.AI can be integrated with multiple communication channels, such as Zalo, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Livechat and other chat interface. FPT.AI has become a partner of many companies and large corporations, providing many solutions to support businesses to optimize processes and gain great values.

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