“Weekend mind battle” – The new version of VioEdu Math Tournament, will be sure to bring online Math games along with exciting offline math challenges in just 15 minutes – making it an interesting weekend activity for students of grade 1 to 6 across the nation.

I. Participants and Registration

1. Participants:

Students of grade 1 to 6 across the nation.

2. Registration:

All participants of “Weekend mind battle” needs to have an activated account on VioEdu before battles are held. To verify their accounts, participants can follow one of the following two methods:

For students without a VioEdu/Violympic account: Register a free account on the online learning system VioEdu at: https://vio.edu.vn/register/step-one.

For students already with Violympic accounts, log on to the VioEdu system and join the competition here.

Participants need to go online and participate ON TIME on the system as battles are opened.

II. Competition rules and details

1. Competition details:

Students may participate online at www.vio.edu.vn.

“Weekend mind battle” comprises of 3 rounds, each with 5 battles: Warm-up, Speed-up, and Reaching destination. There will also be small weekly challenges along side Math battles, which are relevant to students’ daily life – great opportunities for children to grow fully and garner now diamonds.

The system will automatically start a new battle at 20:00-20:15 every Friday, from 22/05/2020 to 28/08/2020.

Each battle will last 15 minutes, and late participants will have their time deducted. Therefore, students should go online on time, and join the competition in the listed time frame.

Skipped battles will not be re-held, and participants who miss a battle will have to wait for a new one in the following week.

2. Official schedule:

Alongside official battles, the organizers will also hold offline challenges to encourage connection and interaction between competitors and the tournament. Every small challenge will be announced on the VioEdu fanpage at 9 a.m every Monday. To ensure their valid participation, competitors should follow VioEdu fanpage and follow the detailed instructions for each challenge.

3. Tournament schedule and offline challenges (Exercising challenges):

Students will join the battle for their respective grades, and organizers will verify winners’ information before awarding. If a participant violates the rules, the organizers shall hold the right to cancel their reward. Full participation for all battles is not required, and participants can compete in any battles.

4. Rankings:

Students of each grade will be ranked based on their points won from correct answers. If there is a tie, then rankings will follow these sub-criteria:

  • Highest number of correct answers.
  • Lowest number of wrong answers.
  • Lowest working time.

After each Warm-up, Speed-up, and Reaching destination round, the organizers will announce the rankings per grade of the respective round. The ranking table will be used for awarding purposes.

Along rankings, participants may also win diamonds depending on their points, and these diamonds will be added directly to the students’ accounts.

5. Diamonds awarded for each battle:

Ranking (by grade) Number of diamonds awarded
1 10
2-10 5
11-100 3
Participated 2
Joined the offline challenge 5

Notice: The qu
estions for each battle will be done in accordance with each grade’s curriculum issued by the Ministry of Education and Training, and thus will be of suitable difficulty to children.

III. Certificates and Rewards

1. Certificates:

All students who participated from 10 battles will receive online certificates from the organizers.

2. Rewards:

Top 10 participants of each grade after each round (points totaled from 5 battles in the respective round) will receive a mystery gift from the organizers, will values increasing after each round.

Round Rewards
Top 1-10 in Warm-up Science gift box
Top 1-10 in Speed-up Wizard gift box
Top 1-10 in Reaching Destination Knight gift box

Notice: The contents
of the gift boxes will be revealed at the end of each round. To receive their rewards, participants must enter their correct contact details (phone number and address) on the system. The organizers will not hold responsibility in case of errors.

Contact details:

Source: VioEdu

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