The online consulting session on digital transformation by FPT on the recent Jun 10 had attracted over 30 businesses and organizations. This event is one out of FPT’s many efforts in helping businesses to effectively apply technology, recover, and breakthrough in this “new normalcy”.

The sessions divides FPT’s experts into 3 consultant rooms (in accordance with the 3 products: FPT.AI Vision, FPT.AI Conversation, FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center), all of which introduced all details, demo the maneuvering procedures of the products, as well as answer queries of businesses regarding the products in the comprehensive AI platform FPT.AI. This article will give an overview of major issues listed by businesses in the session, as well as answers from the experts.

Mr. Long – H.Q Company: On which channels can I integrate FPT.AI Chatbot and with which protocols?

Answer (A): FPT.AI Chatbot can be integrated on channels like: SNS (Facebook, Zalo, Viber,…) and businesses websites in livechat from. The Chatbot can be easily and quickly deployed on business systems via FPT.AI’s readily available APIs. For large businesses and corporations, chatbot will play an important role in internal operations, as it saves time and human resources by effectively processing repetitive tasks.

Ms. Thuy – Sports fashion businesswoman: What is the initial cost for chatbot deployment? How do small businesses like me deploy it, and what difficulties will we face?

A: FPT.AI Chatbot requires not initial costs nor previous infrastructure, and businesses can deploy it on Cloud or On-premise with frequent feature updates. For small businesses like that of Ms. Lan, FPT.AI Chatbot will be a suitable choice due to its low cost and usage-base fees. The chatbot can also learn to get smarter by itself after each conversation with customers, from there understand customer behaviors and preferences to give appropriate suggestions. The chatbot is also flexible and can be easily integrated or developed based on different business use cases.

Mr. Quang – Financial service company: We have to receive and process large amounts of documents and paper every day, what FPT.AI service do you recommend?

A: For financial organizations or banks, FPT.AI Vision would be a smart and effective choice. This product focuses on automatizing processing procedures for businesses, including automatic identification and data extraction from images (of ID cards, driver licenses…), forms, or receipts. FPT.AI Vision also support multi-language processing of documents and images. One notable feature of it is the eKYC solution, now utilized at various large banks like TPBank, MBBank, and so on. With the most advanced technologies, FPT.AI’s eKYC solution can help prevent potential risks occurred during customer identification, as well as detect 3D mask usage and video playbacks. This will bring an accurate, fast, and convenient procedure when opening bank accounts, thus considerably improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Mr. Duc – G.B delivery company: How much does it cost to use FPT.AI Vision? How long will deployment take?

A: The total cost is calculated based on the total number of ID card/Driver license/Passport… images that needs extracting onto the system (each request can include both the front and back side of the document), or the total number of verification tasks successfully done. FPT.AI Vision requires no deployment time, rather offering immediate support, and can reduce up to 70% of time for data input compared to traditional methods, as well as detect new documents using its core technology.

Mr. Tony – B.M Ltd. Co.: What can the FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center do? Is there any limit to the total of calls done every day?

A: Our smart virtual agent can make hundreds of outbound calls to large amounts of customers, all with personalized contents, to notify or provide information regarding new products/services/promotions, unexpected errors, do surveys, remind schedules, or confirm information. FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center can also respond to inbound calls, consult and answer frequently asked questions regarding information about products/services, or book/cancel appointments. It can also redirect customers to products/services, or to departments corresponding to different customer demands. FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center is also equipped with a diverse set of voices (male – female), accents (North – Middle – South), offering a wide range of selection for businesses to easily get the most suitable for their operations. Most businesses often require around one to several hundred simultaneous calls, and FPT.AI can also allow unlimited expansion depending on what is required by customers.

Ms. Chau Tran – T.H.A commercial service company: What makes FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center different from other products on the market? How are its fees calculated?

A: FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center is the first Vietnamese voicebot on the market, with the best Vietnamese language processing technologies at the moment, on par with tech giants like Google, Nuance… FPT.AI had created and owned its own technology, and therefore FPT.AI tech experts is always ready for support at any time, enabling customization for practical demands of businesses. According to organizations and companies that had used FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center, with the product, costs for operations, HR, and management can be reduced by 30-50%, with reduced rates of late calls, leading to improved customer experiences. Usage fees are calculated based on the total number of minutes for all calls.

Ms. Phuong Dang – B.C Ltd. Co.: Can you tell us the deployment process for your Virtual Agent for Call Center?

FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center can be deployed in 1-2 months, and the process involves: Integration with the business’ call center system; Building bot scenarios; User Acceptance Testing (UAT); and Golive. FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center utilizes the most advanced technologies, including: voice identification, voice generation, natural language processing, and context management with voices closely resembling humans – and thus is sure to be a worthy investment.

Every Wednesday, FPT will hold a free online consulting session on digital solutions for businesses on the Digital Operation website. FPT’s tech experts and AI solutions will be sure to help businesses in creating breakthroughs in their work efficiency, operation procedure, especially during the new normalcy. Register now at:

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