Soon, FPT Software staff will be associated with the applications. In the morning, enter MyFSOFT to find the bus, read the news. Lunch on the canteen to buy non-cash food that scans the QR code. Changing Utop points to get movie tickets… Utop is a part of the digital ecosystem designed specifically for FPT Software staff.

Utop is the application of Utop technology company (formerly Akachain Service Solutions Unit (AKC) developed and launched at the end of December 2018. This application allows users to accumulate points or directly load points to exchange for consumer products and services at hundreds of different stores in Utop partner system in Vietnam.

Within FPT Software, Utop is used by staff to trade at the nationwide canteens system, accumulate bonus points (from internal competitions, honoring programs, rewarding outstanding employees). In the future, FPT Software’s staff throughout the world can use this cashless wallet.

Utop Director Pham Nguyen Vu said: “The application is built on the blockchain and akachain platform, so it ensures absolute security. Payment via the app will minimize the trading time of sellers and buyers. Besides, the accumulation of reward points, receiving promotional vouchers is also more convenient than traditional card points and vouchers”.

 This is also one of the applications located in FPT’s Digital Life ecosystem. In the near future, some other utilities such as bus card swipe, news page, Mobile Access will be deployed throughout the company integrated into MyFSOFT application, promising to bring a number of utility life for FPT Software users.

“Owning dozens of loyalty cards in your wallet along with the voucher set, we must remember the expiration date or change of the change, queuing up the card to get the lunch card which is extremely tiring. We need a technology solution to solve that problem,” said Pham Nguyen Vu – Director of Utop Company to share the reason for launching this application.

In the coming time, Utop Company will achieve the goal of all 15,000 FPT Software employees will use Utop daily. The application will also confidently move to the market, persuading business customers (retail brands, supermarket chains) and users in Vietnam. Feedback on the competitiveness of products with e-wallet applications on the market, Mr. Pham Nguyen Vu affirmed: “Do not look at strong opponents to fear but look at the large market. Besides, this product is aimed at businesses and retail chains who need to apply technology to customer care. That’s the opportunity for Utop. I believe that once having a good product, we will have a chance.”

General Director Pham Minh Tuan also affirmed that FPT Software will make the digital transformation from the interior. MyFSOFT with utilities such as full information channel on organization, integrated communication channel, bus tracking and positioning, Utop … will be the center of interaction between the company and employees. Thereby, contributing to helping the company increase productivity, optimize work processes and establish a scientific and effective digital life.

The potential of this service is huge given the recent April event of Japanese financial services group – SBI Holdings signed a memorandum of understanding to establish and invest 3 million USD into Utop startup.

With Utop, consumers will accumulate and use reward points in a new and innovative way at stores and businesses in this network; thereby helping businesses and small shops expand and develop their business.

Partnering with Utop, small businesses and shops will be able to participate in nationwide sales networks, helping to connect reward points systems with the aim of reducing data costs and safety thanks to the characteristics Multi-layer security of akaChain technology platform.

For customers, Utop offers high liquidity for membership points by allowing customers to use bonus points at any affiliate network store. Utop simultaneously supports and enhances the effectiveness of business promotions and customer care compared to the present.

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