FPT Shop has officially announced the application of FPT.AI Vision image recognition technology in the process of buying in the shop to save time for customers, while helping to store and preserve and maintain documents and information conveniently, safely and securely.

Digitize to lead

With the application of image recognition technology for SIM registration, FPT Shop has become the first mobile retail chain to apply technology to digitize and maximize operational efficiency.

Normally, when you need to enter customer information, the average employee takes 3-4 minutes, not to mention the errors in the data entry process. To solve this problem, FPT Shop has applied FPT.AI Vision, the technology to identify and extract information from images, to digitize papers, identify customers and process documents. As a result, it only takes 2-3 seconds to complete the information, including the time it takes to transfer images online, and can process hundreds of photos at once.

It is known that the identity card technology will be used by FPT Shop in the sales process to extract guest information and complete new SIM registration documents, and installment payment plans as quickly as possible to maximize time for guests. The digitization of documents, in particular, the automation of the data entry process by extracting information from the identity card image at FPT Shop will help the storage, preservation and maintenance of documents and information to be convenient, safe and secure.

Why FPT.AI Vision?

FPT.AI Vision is one of the four FPT.AI modules built and developed by FPT Technology Innovation Department and experts and scientists in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, …

FPT.AI Vision is a combination of advanced image processing techniques, natural language processing, based on inheriting the superior features of OCR technology. The solution that FPT.AI brings integrates natural language processing technology (NLP), which allows for accurate understanding of Vietnamese text. This is FPT.AI Vision’s strength compared to similar products from big players in the world – it is a product of Vietnamese people, who understand Vietnamese language.

A huge limitation that all OCR software currently faces is the lack of features to extract information from documents and forms. Most software only stops full-text recognition but cannot extract information according to patterns/formats, fields according to users’ needs – a very essential need for clerical and archival employees. FPT.AI Vision solves the limitations of existing programs and is particularly suitable for identifying characters and extracting information from people’s identity cards in Vietnam.

FPT.AI Vision’s identity card identification technology accurately identifies the names, ID numbers, birth dates, hometowns…

Integrating FPT.AI Vision solution with the enterprise’s system is also extremely easy at reasonable cost through APIs and based on the actual number of requests of businesses. FPT.AI Vision can be flexibly deployed and scaled up the data processing system according to the needs of the business.

Not only at the identity of the identity card, but the FPT.AI team has also recently launched a new feature of FPT.AI Vision product: “Extracting Driving license information”, with average accuracy of 96%, in which important fields can reach 98-99%, contributing to improving the OCR solution of FPT.

The Revolution 4.0 flourished on a global scale, bringing not only opportunities but also challenges for businesses. The timely application and the right technology selection in the business processes can help boost production and business efficiency, thereby increasing profits. OCR is not a new technology, but a solution with the combination of OCR and AI which promises to bring outstanding operational efficiency for businesses in Vietnam.


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