As a pioneer in technology, 2018 marked a big step of FPT when becoming the first and the only Vietnamese enterprise to own FPT.AI – the comprehensive artificial intelligence platform. Besides, 2018 is the year that witnessed FPT’s milestones in digital transformation.

AI is focus

2018 saw a strong explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) with growth and affected the change of many industries and sectors such as finance, telecommunications, transportation and transportation services, Customer care, insurance, health care … Expected in 2030, AI will affect 58% of global GDP.

Website Interface of FPT.AI.

With a pioneering role in technology, 2018 marked a big step for FPT when it became the first and only enterprise in Vietnam to own the comprehensive artificial intelligence platform FPT.AI consisting of 4 main products: Conversation platform (FPT.AI Conversation) – the most popular application is chatbot; voice recognition and processing services (FPT.AI Speech); image and document processing (FPT.AI Vision) and Knowledge base system (FPT.AI Knowledge).

Currently, FPT.AI receives 3.4 million requests per month. Nearly 8,000 programmers developing applications on this platform and nearly 155,000 voice hours have been used by FPT.AI partners. Automated PABX system with FPT.AI’s text-to-speech technology has made more than 750,000 calls per month, able to simultaneously execute 15,000 rush hour calls, equivalent to the working capacity of 500 employees at the same time. FPT ID identification technology has an accuracy of up to 95%. In FPT Retail (FRT), chatbot supports up to 70% of customer interaction …

Many products of artificial intelligence application are also strongly developed at FPT such as: FPT Telecom’s warning system of disconnected customers with high accuracy, the system of translating documents from Japanese to Vietnamese – FPT Software’s AMT…

Digital transformation on all fronts

The foundation for the digital transformation process at FPT is research and development activities, focusing on different aspects of digital enterprises. With three main goals to focus on is creating new products, building new capacities and exploring new technologies. After 2017, the pivotal year in the process of becoming a digital technology company, 2018 witnessed FPT’s strong marks in digital transformation.

Digital transformation internally

2018 marked a series of digital transformation in all FPT’s member companies when all operating procedures were digitized/computerized. At FPT IS, systems to support employees and process control are modernized. The application of chatbot and AI in supporting employees is used by FPT Software. At Synnex FPT, the 2nd generation information system was officially launched, using the latest architecture, providing for the internality and customer services, and automating the process. Automating tasks such as Auto Checker, BrandSafe, System Auto Bot … are also deployed by FPT Online. Particularly in FPT Retail, AI is used to improve customer care quality, identifying people’s identity cards quickly …

Digitize products and solutions, thereby enhancing customers’ new experiences

The version of smart hospital eHospital 2.0 is being implemented in 200 hospitals and clinics all over the country, applying new technologies such as artificial intelligence to help doctors automatically receive drug names, chatbot provides online examination schedule, smart kios receiving automatic payment, intelligent medical treatment through telephone, electronic medical records and digital signatures…; FPT Play’s new version with intelligent control that can use voice control (voice commands); Higio Cloud adds many new features such as multi-factor authentication, security solutions via passwords and phone numbers, resource monitoring, system-wide monitoring by performance testing, making recommendations, warning and remedy, backup and restore services after disaster …; VnExpress improved some methods of producing content via Live system (creating live post, watching video after the live video), separating Subtitle from Video and allowing automatic multi-language display which contributed to enhance the experience for millions of readers.

Investing in new business models

In 2018, FPT decided to test the learning personalization platform for high school students, namely the application that allows knowledge testing and recommendations of points that need to be improved for students in grades 5 and 12. 2000 students tested the Vio Edtech platform and showed positive results.

Building capacity of consulting on digital transformation

The deal of tens of millions of dollars to buy 90% of Intellinet shares (USA) reflects the goal of expanding consultancy activities of information technology services of FPT to customers and partners worldwide. In 2018, FPT also conducted a series of seminars on technology application, automation process for many departments and strategic customers. At the end of 2018, the birth of the Digital Transformation Board and FPT Digital Academy showed determination to bring FPT’s digital transformation consultancy capacity to the top of the market.

Developing innovative and sustainable technology ecosystems

Investing research on specific technologies

Many specialized research products are still long invested by FPT such as Big Data with Credit Scoring, Loyalty management using Blockchain, Akaminds platform … Using Machine Learning and Big Data into algorithms to display products and searching for products has helped Sen Do increase CR (Conversion Rate) to 15%.

Developing technology community

The first VR technology magazine in Vietnam.

FPT has also made great efforts in developing the technology community when playing the role of organizer of many events such as: FPT TechDay, TechinFocus series; co-organized community activities such as Vietnam IoT Day, Angle Hackathon 2018 … TechInsight Magazine – a place to share updated information and technology knowledge, also plays an important part in enhancing FPT’s position with the community with the birth of the newspaper that can talk in Vietnamese and apply the first VR technology in Vietnam. We also sponsor communication for many technology activities of the community such as KSE, AI4Life … In 2018, FPT owns 4 patents of Smart Display Boards, accessories and touch-making processes for laptops with front-facing cameras … and 5 papers at prestigious workshops like NICS, KSE.

Phuong Lien

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