FPT TechInsight had achieved quite a lot during 2019. In particular, total traffic had increased 40% compared to 2018, along with it co-hosting and providing media sponsorship for over 20 tech events, including large ones like FPT Techday 2019 and FPT Tech Experts 2019. For the new year, it also welcomes a new web display for this decade of technology.

Constant growth in article number and quality

In 2019, FPT TechInsight had brought to readers almost 5000 technological articles in both English and Vietnamese. Among those are 800 articles on specialized science and technology, and information regarding FPT projects. The news page cover not only new and specialized technologies, but also technological trends like AI, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, digital transformation, and so on.

With constant contributions from the editors, readers can get various updated and diverse information from various perspectives, all for the tech community. In the year 2019 alone, the number of articles on FPT TechInsight equals to the total of that in the two previous years. As a consequent, the website’s traffic also grows considerably, with over 1 million in traffic, most of those being natural searches.

Another number that represents the influence and attraction of TechInsight is the average time of site of readers. In particular, for the year 2019, this number is at 4 minutes and 3 seconds.

New web display

Another change in the year is a new display to optimize interface and searching functions. Thanks to this, the appeal of the news site improves, and readers can now track and update news more easily.

New modern and lively display of TechInsight’s website.

Social media coverage

Along with the website, FPT TechInsight Fanpage also attracted 100,000 likes and follows, becoming a place that shares tech knowledge to various SNS users.

FPT TechInsight Fanpage can be found at HERE.

TechInsight also owns an active Youtube channel, now at 128 videos, attractive 200 subscribers and 30,000 views. The video content varies from tech events, tech talks from leading experts, to new and pioneering technologies, that provide multi-faceted tech insights for people around the world.

FPT TechInsight Youtube channel can be found at HERE.

Cooperation from leading tech experts

To reach what FPT TechInsight is today, we cannot deny the many contributions in forms of quality articles from worldwide tech experts. These people are professors and doctors from large universities, as well as tech experts from FPT and other enterprises. Notable authors include: Dr. Tran The Trung – Head of FPT Technology Research Institute; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tu Minh Phuong – Head of IT Department, Posts & Telecoms Institute of Technology… with their information regarding new and specialized technologies, and most updated technological trends, all for the tech community. Among the 126 authors that contribute to TechInsight, there are 122 FPT’s experts and scientists.

Over 20 events of various scales

No different from the previous years, FPT TechInsight continues to support tech events in 2019, as well as act as a media sponsor for over 20 events of various scales, including: FPT TechDay 2019, FPT Tech Experts 2019, AI4VN, Insight FPT.AI, Pacling 2019, Tech Meetup seminars, Solution Forum workshops, Research Festival 2019, BTEC IoT Hackathon 2019, akaFintech conference, Digital Race, Ha Noi AI Week… These activities had contribute greatly to the connection of development of Vietnam’s tech community.

FPT TechInsight hosting Insight FPT.AI.
FPT TechInsight as a media sponsor of AI4VN.
FPT TechInsight as a media sponsor of FPT TechDay 2019.
FPT Tech Experts 2019.

For the new decade, FPT TechInisght promises improvements both in content and visuals. In 2020, we hope to receive the support and contribution from authors and tech experts, as well as trust and continual readership, for us to become a place of connection and sharing for the tech community.

Phuong Thao

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