AI improves the quality of customer service

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently a major concern of the world. Both giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook and technology startups take the time and resources to develop AI products. These improvements (on both hardware and software) are expected to change the way enterprises operate and deploy business. Recently, there have been quite a lot of research, articles, and speeches talking about the impact of AI on the performance of the customer care department of enterprises.

A recent study by Gartner predicts that by 2020, nearly 85% of the customer interaction will not be through humans.

Besides the fact that AI technology will improve the customer experience, enterprises that use this technology first will have definitive advantages, compared to competitors. Although it is a potential and promising technology, the application of AI to the customer care department is still a headache problem for business owners. This is because even though the AI is growing, it is still a new technology. Therefore, this article will help eliminate the doubts of administrators. Let’s find out how AI can be valuable for customer service.

Quickly solving customer problems

Unsatisfied customers often will not continue to buy products or use the service without looking for the customer care staff to present their problems.

AI virtual assistants can bring chat interfaces to the static content. These assistants can handle data constantly from thousands of streams of information to understand the previous interactions, customer preferences and requirements, and context. Then, the assistants can propose the relevant content and proactively issue announcements to prevent disappointment from customers. Over time, AI becomes smarter when it comes to solutions to problems, sometimes before customers experience problems in interacting with the digital system of the business.

Minimizing personnel costs

Customer care is a department that businesses always have to pay a huge expense, which is a fact that any business must face. This cost includes employee salaries and training costs. AI is the key to this problem. AI tools can handle simple tasks while people take care of solving more complex customer requests.

24/7 Customer service at a low cost

Very rarely enterprises can operate professionally and smoothly in many geographic areas. Enterprises need to spend a lot of costs setting up the localized customer support department.

But when applying AI such as chatbots/virtual assistants, AI will quickly use the giant information store of the business and can answer repeated questions. AI will replace people emailing, chatting, as well as supporting customers on the phone immediately regardless of time and place.

AI-applied customer care switchboard

AI and the natural language processing technology combine to “listen” to customer interactions in real time. After that, AI application can provide valuable suggestions for customer care staffs on how to best solve customer problems.

This will reduce the time to solve problems for customers. In addition, switchboard operators will not need to have specialized knowledge in all processes and products, and this will help businesses easily change employees when the need arises.

Chatbot: Personalizing the customer care

The chatbot is a technology solution that has occupied the customer care market in the past 2-3 years. The “personalization” of messages, the power of the natural language processing, and the intelligence of AI are combined together in chatbot.

From answering customer questions 24/7 through the messaging interface to proactive bots that can start and maintain conversations, there are many chatbot applications currently used in the field of customer care. Banks, fashion stores, grocery stores, and retail chains have adopted chatbot for customer service on websites and messaging applications. Real-time and personalized conversations with customers allow bots to open new revenue opportunities for businesses.

How to apply AI efficiently?

AI model works best when it understands customer intentions. Do not expect that AI applications can fit all your business processes and replace the customer care department. Enterprises need to adjust and train AI models to suit their industries and fields.

Enterprises need to start building data warehouses, processes and mechanisms to help AI models learn. An equally important thing is building a process to allow queries and complaints to customer care staffs befere AI interactions made customers unhappy.

FPT.AI – A solution to the problem of the effective customer service of Vietnamese enterprises

As a comprehensive artificial intelligence platform with modules such as the building chatbot platform using NLP, voice services including text to speech (TTS) and speech to text (STT), identifying and extracting images with computer vision technology, FPT.AI is the answer to the operation problem of customer services. FPT.AI has been trusted and applied by many domestic enterprises in building the customer care chatbot on websites of enterprises and currently popular messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger and Zalo; which are automated switchboards helping enterprises call and inform hundreds of thousands of customers at the same time, identify types of old and new identity cards in the bank’s KYC work, etc.

Undeniably, the customer service is an essential part of businesses from small to big, and this department needs a technology push to make the operation more efficient, helping customers stick more with businesses. It can be said that applying AI is the smartest solution for businesses in this 4.0 era.

Dieu Huong

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