akaBot – Solution for typical problems in banking, administration, and retail


akaBot integrated with AI platforms can be regarded as one of the pioneers in the path to digital transformation. It is a comprehensive RPA solution for businesses, playing a role in creating a revolution in the way we think and manage working processes, helping us solve common problems in various fields, especially banking, administration, and retail.

akaBot is a part of FPT’s akaMinds ecosystem, born to quickly generate benefits for businesses, in particular: saving costs, increasing efficiency, reducing errors, increasing the chances to expand current sectors. By imitating actions and repetitive tasks, as well as utilizing different business resources; akaBot helps to automatize different processes in different fields. This article shall provide below an insight into akaBot’s applications in practical business problems.

Optimization of Human Resources in Retail

Company A currently operates in Vietnam with over 200 shopping malls and outlets nationwide, providing work for 17,000 employees. Every day, this retail company has a large number of financial reports in the PDF format and needs to record all these reports into the management system for accounting or managing purposes. Therefore, accountants at the company will have to open the files one by one to search and copy data into another system.

This is extremely wasteful HR-wise, and at the moment the largest shopping mall needs 30 accountants to do this work. This laborious method has major disadvantages: error-easy, and time-consuming.

akaBot can automatically read all texts using Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR).

The birth of akaBot is a solution to this. akaBot can automatically read all texts using Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR). Then it will extract the needed information from the file to fill in a new excel or insert them into another system. This will reduce the number of employee in accounting departments by 50%. In addition, RPA robots can processes multiple files simultaneously, for higher efficiency.

Hand-in-hand with digital transformation in Information Technology

A leading software company in Vietnam with thousands of software projects and with all those projects needing storage spaces for materials. Their IT Department, therefore, will need to create and authorize their SVN/File server. The result is a large number of requests in need of processing by hand (11,770 requests in the span of 1.5 years), on repeat, and is a huge waste of time to the company.

akaBot has been applied as an RPA solution to support Project Department review requests and collect necessary information 24/7. Along with that, the system sends notifications on missing information, create folders, support heavy user traffic, as well as review the results and feedbacks in case of errors. This will help reduce 95% time and effort spent, as well as reduce time to answer from days/hours to mere minutes. Employees shall be free from tedious repetitive tasks, thus can focus on tasks that are more important, and generates more value.

The solution to HR problems

The B company recruits 300-500 new employees on a monthly basis. Before the starting date, shared service centers will be responsible for preparing for the first day at the work of these new employees. The Human Resource Department will cooperate with other departments to create accounts, issue employee cards, computers, Insurance, and prepare contracts. At the same time, they have to collect and input employee data into HR systems for centralized management and synchronization with other systems. Errors are possible to occur during input, leading to inaccurate data with future impacts on the employees’ benefits, including wages, health insurances…

The RPA robot solution is used to digitalized all working process by automatically gather employees’ information from excel files, input accurately data into the HR management system, automatically send out notification emails and results. akaBot application can help businesses to save 70% effort by SSC workers, as well as reduce the processing time down to 50%.

RPA applications can help save HR costs, improve quality, and optimize working processes in businesses

It can be said that RPA revolutionizing and optimizing the working processes, bringing about not only positive impacts on business operations, but all various benefits in human resources, costs, and profits.

Phuong Thao – Thu Ha

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