Apple strategy teardown


The maverick of personal computing is looking for its next big thing in spaces like healthcare, AR, and autonomous cars, all while keeping its lead in consumer hardware. With an uphill battle in AI, slowing growth in smartphones, and its fingers in so many pies can Apple reinvent itself for the third time?

In many ways, Apple remains a company made in the image of Steve Jobs: iconoclastic and fiercely product focused.

But today, Apple is at a crossroads. Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple’s ability to seize on emerging technology raises many new questions.

Primarily, what’s next for Apple?

Looking for the next wave, Apple is clearly expanding into augmented reality and wearables with the Apple Watch AirPods wireless headphones. Though delayed, Apple’s HomePod speaker system is poised to expand Siri’s footprint into the home and serve as a competitor to Amazon’s blockbuster Echo device and accompanying virtual assistant Alexa.

But the next “big one” – a success and growth driver on the scale of the iPhone – has not yet been determined. Will it be augmented reality, healthcare, wearables? Or something else entirely?

Apple is famously secretive, and a cloud of hearsay and gossip surrounds the company’s every move.

Apple is believed to be working on augmented reality headsets, connected car software, transformative healthcare devices, and apps, as well as smart home tech, and new machine learning applications.

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