Artificial intelligence increases business efficiency


According to Accenture, artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to impact up to 25 percent of future technology costs and is rapidly playing an increasingly important role in the business operating system. According to this group, artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to increase productivity by more than 40% by 2035 and increase average profit by 38%.

It can be seen that AI has truly become an indispensable technology for businesses in the 4.0 era and executives are increasingly confident of the key role AI plays in their business future. A recent IBM study found that more than 50 percent of CEOs plan to apply AI technology by 2019, and more than 73 percent predict that this technology will benefit their business.

Thanks to innovations in the field of cloud computing and analysis and storage of big data, AI has great strength in enhancing production efficiency, thereby bringing about high efficiency in business. In addition, AI can provide important information, helping leaders make better decisions. When AI is integrated with core business applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resources Management (HRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Sales and Marketing, the decision-making process will become simpler and more effective for all professionals in the organization. In the finance department, AI possesses the potentials to improve operations such as negotiating with suppliers, especially at quarterly reporting periods, as companies are focusing on optimizing demand for cash flow and balance of expenses. In the HR department, employers will have the opportunity to find the best candidates in the shortest possible time. In the marketing department, AI is used to assist professionals in developing more personalized campaigns and incentives.

At Vietnam CEO Summit 2018, Professor Jason Furman, President of the Obama’s Economic Advisory Council, has also suggested that the AI application could help Vietnam improve its productivity, contributing to growth in general.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lê hồng việt fpt techday 2018
Mr. Le Hong Viet – FPT CTO at FPT TechDay on September 12, 2018.

The future of AI , according to Le Hong Viet – CTO FPT is to become the core of smart cities and smart businesses. With AI technology, citizens and consumers can take advantage of government and enterprise services, saving resources and operating costs, and enhancing the user experience. For example, some of the AI application projects implemented by FPT such as the e-Government in Quang Ninh, which help people access government quickly; Smart healthcare deployed in many state and interstate hospitals to help manage patient data and optimize prescriptions; Traffic in Ho Chi Minh City better controlled through the camera; or the Online Learning System for students from elementary to high school with student assessments and recommended study programs.

One of the most impressive artificial intelligence applications that FPT owns and develops, promising to bring business solutions for breakthroughs in business, to optimize all activities of enterprises, is FPT.AI. Launched in the recent FPT TechDay 2018, FPT.AI is a comprehensive artificial intelligence platform that provides solutions such as AI chatbot, speech-to-text converter, voice, images and knowledge recognition of many branches and fields. Wishing to meet the needs of the business in all three issues: operational optimization, sales promotion and marketing, and engagement with customers; with the strengths developed on the basis of artificial intelligence technologies; together with the contribution of dozens of scientists, FPT.AI helps automate the entire process of business from simple to complex with flexible deployment models (Cloud and On-premise). FPT.AI has been deployed in automated customer care centers, making over 750,000 calls a month, simultaneously making 15,000 calls, two minutes each, with Chatbot that supports providing information about user accounts and look up data on new products. A new Singaporean telecommunications company developed from the platform FPT.AI has received and processed more than 40,000 requests of users in a month, peaking at more than 4,000 requests a day.

It is certain that AI will become an increasingly important element in the business environment and can not be overlooked. There are quite a few basic benefits that AI brings, including the speed that comes from automation and the ability to make the right decisions. If your competitor is making better and faster decisions, your business may be left behind. In that scenario, no business can sit still and wait.

Dieu Huong

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