Blockchain employee is likely to be paid higher than AI


Both Blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are technologies that are receiving the greatest attention. Accordingly, the salary for human resources of both sectors also attracted much attention from both businesses and job seekers. The programmers who work in the field of Blockchain are likely to be paid higher than AI, according to VietnamWork’s Information Technology Market Report 2019.

According to the report, an average Blockchain programmer earns up to 2242 USD per month, while an average AI programmer earns 1844 USD per month. Nowadays, employers are most willing to pay the highest wages for Blockchain and AI programmers, while those who work on Full Stack, Backend, Computer Vision,… are generally paid lower.

Statistics based on IT recruitments on the website from 2017 to 2018.

Aside from the aforementioned point, the report also pointed out some noticeable features in the Vietnamese IT job market as followed:

Software developers are the most sought-after

Software Development is the field that is most sought after by employers, taking up 57.4% of IT jobs recruitments on VietnamWorks.

Java is the employers’ favorite

Programming languages that are usually recruited in the previous two years are Java, JavaScript, PHP, C/C++. Among those, employers are willing to pay the highest rate for Java. On average, employers are ready to pay $1482 for positions that require a proficient use of Java.

Wage is the top influencer for IT workers’ decision to switch jobs

Over 60% of IT workers intend to change their jobs in the next six months. The major reason came from their desire for a salary raise (47.5%), job promotion (15.7%), and new working environment (10%).

The expected rate is 50% higher than in reality

Overall, most IT workers have a positive view of their current wages. However, they still expect their wages to be 30% to 50% higher than the average market wage.

The report is published based on data analysis from the two major sources of (1) IT job recruitment data from (2017-2018) and (2) VietnamWork’s survey on wages and benefits of the IT field in 2018.

In order to know more information on wages, bonuses, and benefits of the IT field, please read and download the report HERE.


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