Books that BA should not miss


The books mentioned in the titles are definitely those that Business Analyst (BA) should read to improve and widen the knowledge.

1. Guide to the Body of Knowledge Analysis Business (BABOK Guide)

This is a document for Business Analyst “classic” by IIBA – the largest Business Analyst academy in the world synthesized and released. The book gives you most of what you need to become a Business Analyst.

Important topics in the book:

  • General principles in BA professions
  • Requirement Management and information transfer
  • Business analysis
  • Evaluating and verifying solutions

The content of the book has been revised through students’ assessment at IIBA, BA community surveys here and consultations with BA experts. In less than 5 years, the BABOK Guide has been globally recognized as the “standard” of documents for Business Analyst, with over 200,000 copies downloaded from IIBA’s website.

You can buy books or register for membership, pay for it at IIBA’s website and be sent to the ebook.

2. Business Analysis For Dummies

This book can be considered a “miniature” version of Babok Guide and written in a more understandable style. Therefore, the book is suitable for those who are new to the profession and do not want to read words that are too specialized or too complicated topics.

However, even if you already have experience with the BA profession, the book is still useful to you because it provides you with the tools, techniques, and tricks in project management that have been carried out by many real BA experts successfully.

Some outstanding topics:

  • How to influence the team.
  • Tools, techniques, and documents for Business Analyst used in daily work.
  • Case studies on how to make BA from other positions.
One of the titles that BAs should read.

3. The Business Analyst’s Handbook

Although BA is a much-needed industry today, there are no books to give you a comprehensive view of this work. The book “The Business Analyst’s Handbook” will solve this problem.

Books not only give you an overview of the profession but also synthesize tools, tables, checklist, templates for you to use in your daily work.

Whether you are a novice BA or experienced, this manual is essential. Featured topics in the book include:

  • Overview of BA professions
  • Detailed instructions for meetings (very detailed)
  • BA Toolkit includes templates, tools, checklist
The tools, tables, checklist, templates that BA used often will be mentioned in this book.

4. Requirements gathering for the new business Analyst: The Simplified Beginners Guide to Business Systems Analysis

This book will be the document for Business Analyst to move from other positions in Team Project. The author will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to possess and use to go from Newbie to Super BA in a short time.

The content of the book includes:

  • The role of BA in a project
  • Analysis system and technical design
  • Collecting Techniques and Requirement Analysis
  • How to make analytical documents.

You will clearly identify your mission, your role in the team, how to communicate effectively with them, to which position to achieve the purpose of the project, as well as create useful and easy documents, understanding the serving team.

This book will be the document for Business Analyst who moved from other positions in Team Project.

5. Business Analyst’s Mentor Book: With Best Practice Business Analysis Techniques and Software Requirements Management Tips

The author of this book is Emrah Yayici – also a co-author of books published by IIBA. The book is suitable for anyone who has just started their BA career and who has previous experience. In particular, this book for Business Analyst is written in question and answer form, with each case study and practical experience of the author so it is quite understandable.

The content of the book revolves around the following issues:

  • Techniques and tools for BA
  • Agile and Waterfall
  • Management Requirement, crisis
  • Testing and Automation Testing
  • User interface design

The book is suitable for anyone who has just started a BA career and who has previous experience.

6. BCS Business Analysis

The book is published by BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT. The book is great material for BA, comparable to the BABOK Guide, even superior to academic research. However, the book is not equal to BABOK when practical cases are limited.

Some typical issues:

  • Business Analysis overview
  • Analysis, research, and documentation tools…
  • Management requirements
  • Give a solution
This book is a great resource for BA.

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Source: IIBA Vietnam Chapter

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