The stunning growth of artificial intelligence and messenger application has created a momentum for the bot to increase rapidly and create an ecosystem like app ecosystem. In this article we will primarily explore the “Third-party chatbot” & some use cases (Platform tool, frameworks for bot will mentioned in the other articles).

Chatbot ecosystem (Source: BI Intelligence)

In recent years, venture capitalists have spent millions of dollars investing in potential bot.This is reflected by recent investment deals. We could name some startups such as: – a personal assistant who schedules meetings for you, – a chat enabled AI platform which personally assist you with your daily tasks, (trước đây là GoButler)– a 24/7 on-demand flight assistant (pivoted from an everything assistant),Poncho: weather forecast bot,  Digit- bot which helps personal fince, growbot: giving reviews on colleagues.

Bot startups funding recently (Source: CBInsights)

People use bots, or in particular chatbots, in many jobs such as Customer care (providing product information, recommendations …), inventory management, scheduling, health care,. Some of the specific applications in some of these sectors are:

  • In the personal finance sector, Fidelity can be included with the integrated bot on Echo to update market information, stocks; Or Trim helps you scrutinize your online subscription accounts and automatically cancel accounts you do not really want. In the banking sector, Bank of America is currently working with Facebook engineers to create a comprehensive AI for customer requirements.
  • In the field of aviation, the chatbot is integrated on the website of an airline that can make inquiries about fares, bookings, hotel recommendations and bus reservations. User information will be stored and transferred to customer care department, which in turn saving time and cost effectively (automating the process and minimizing labor costs). Airlines can also take advantage of customer information when communicating with chatbot to carry out marketing activities for each customer. An example is the Royal KLM of the Netherlands has used chatbot in the operation.
  • In addition, in the CNN or the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Techcrunch all use chatbots deliver news and interact with customer deeply. Not just the media outlets, but other media outlets have also used the chatbot.

Another dimension to view use cases of bot is looking into how startup helped by bot ecosystem:

  • Start a business and handle legal matters
    • Advobot for Slackmakes signing a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) easy. The agreements can be signed and shared online. Advobot was made by the creators of Visabot, whose bot helps people navigate the green card process for $150. As of last month, it had assisted more than 70,000 people in filing for visa permits, primarily supporting the kinds of visa permits likely to affect people working for startups in the United States. The company was formed in 2016 and graduated from the 500 Startups accelerator earlier this year.
    • LawTrades, which is sort of like an Uber for lawyers, has Slack, SMS, and Facebook Messenger bots to connect startups looking for legal help with a lawyer. LawTrades can connect you with a lawyer for help with things like setting up incorporation business, filing for a trademark or patent, and contracting review.
  • Recruiting employees
    • Magic has been providing human personal assistant services by text message for years now. Earlier this year, Magic for Teams, which has offices in Manila and San Francisco, launched on Slack to provide remote temp workers to do a range of office tasks.
    • Bots like ai and Yodas were made to streamline the hiring of software engineers specifically.
  • Craft your pitch
  • Pitchbot has 10-minute conversations designed to mimic a pitch with an angel investor, seed round investor, VC fund, or startup accelerator. The robo-investors rattle through a list of standard questions, like how long the founders have known each other and the size of the market you’re after. This bot is rather basic, but it’s a start.
  • Initial user acquisition
  • Whatever the business you hope to build, if any portion of it is customer-facing, services like Driftbot, ManyChat, Intercom, and others can automate interactions with customers who find your landing page or send you a message on Facebook. They can also help you segment audience or send one-to-many messages.The bots can gather personal info like name, phone number, and email address so you can contact potential customers when the product launches. Qualified leads can be immediately handed over to a human. In addition to these bot creation platforms, gig economy jobs site Fiverr recently began to offer bot-building services for its customers.
  •  Sales and growth
  • Growthbot was made by HubSpot CTO and cofounder Dharmesh Shah. Growthbot can tell your marketing and sales teams about the ad networks or marketing software companies use, and it provides a general search for information about companies, from their top online posts to their social media accounts. Once found, you can add the business to CRM or watchlist, or you can search for similar companies.
  • Kit can quickly complete tasks like sending emails to customers or creating Facebook ads through the use of a conversational interface. In June, Kit was made free to all Shopify merchants.
  • Sudo is designed to act as an assistant to sales teams. The bot automates small tasks and can ask you questions, and you can ask it questions. Answers may draw on live Salesforce data or information within your email, calendar, or contact list.
  • Company culture
  • CareerLark lets employees ask managers for feedback about their job performance and gives managers a way to document employee performance. It’s also designed to help managers offer useful feedback to junior employees
  • Growbot lets you share mini congratulations with team members in the form of positive emoji reactions. Mini bonuses like free Uber rides can be awarded through the bot.
  • Howdy can be trained to do lots of things, like pinging your team for regular updates to assess progress and ensure you’re on track.

Hoang Nam Le – FPT Ventures

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