The world’s leading technology exhibition IFA 2019 takes place from 6-11 September in Berlin, Germany, with the participation of 200,000 attendees. In addition to launching many new technology products such as smartphone, computers, wearables from famous brands, the event also features many unique and highly innovative products.

Along with MWC or CES, IFA is the most anticipated technology events in the world. IFA  the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin), is a historic event (from 1924) when it started as an international radio exhibition. Since then, the exhibition has become a place for consumer electronics from, with the participation of tech giants such as Microsoft, Bang & Olufsen, Casio, Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei. , ZTE, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Philips, Panasonic, Amazon, and others. Besides smartphones, computers, wearables… there are many unique products at IFA 2019:

Qoobo – Robotic cat has an only… tail

The Qoobo robot, made in Japan, help people to relieve stress in the modern lifestyle and provides a solution for people without a pet. Qoobo marketing director Clement Bastide said: “When you touch, it moves like a cat. Depending on how you touch this cat, it will respond differently.” Qoobo’s tail will wave gently when caressed. When you do nothing, it will wave the tail and say hello. Products are sold for $149.

Image: Thenextweb.

DFree wearable measure suitable time for going… toilet

DFree is offered at $445. This product is targeted at old people. Products with the ultrasonic sensor, when placed on the bladder, it can figure out the size of it. When this size reaches a certain level, you will receive a notification message on the phone reminding you when to go to the toilet. DFree has already had 2000 users in Japan.

Image: SCMP.

Lindera – AI application to analyze movement

This is an application that uses artificial intelligence technology that can help analyze movement and give a warning of a fall. It has been introduced by a French company named Lindera. With just a video of a person’s movement and a survey, artificial intelligence technology will support to analyze the skeleton, height, length, velocity. From there it will make predictions about the disease and the risk of falling.

Image: Lindera

Smart camera for babies

Babeyes is a smart HD camera for babies. This ultra-small camera is attached to a shirt or stuffed animal, helping to capture images of people interacting with babies. The product is equipped with motion detection technology. It also automatically captures pictures. The product can also be recorded in low light. Babeyes has developed emotional recognition technology. The product costs around $139.

Image: Babeyes

Airvida C1 air cleaning device

When air quality becomes a serious problem in some countries, an air cleaning product is essential. This is an air-cleaning device designed specifically for children from three to ten years old. Airvida C1 is light (22 grams), producing 2,000,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter in 0.6 seconds, around the baby’s face. This process helps reduce allergies to pollens, etc…

Image: Airvida.

When a piece of wood that is connected to the cloud.

Mui Lab brings a piece of wood connected to the cloud. It’s real wood and connects with smart locks and smart heaters; it tells you the weather and the time, and it lets you play music. This product will aim to replace the smartphone in your home.

(Image source: SCMP)

The “chef” robotics arm

Samsung Bot Chef is a product in the prototype. In addition, Samsung also brought the AirDresser, which helps remove dirt from clothes.

Bot Chef. Image: CNET.
Samsung’s AirDresser. Image: Samsung.

In addition, there are some other interesting products:

Circulus Pibo with speaker and camcorder helps to save images, share messages with friends. Pibo can answer a few sentences. Image: CNET.
OnTracks GPS system. This is a system that will show you when to turn through haptic feedback, mounted on your hands, to help cyclists focus on the road. Image: CNET.
Cybic E-Legend-The bike with integrated Alexa. Image: Techradar.

Apart from unique products above, smartphones are the most unique products, many manufacturers including HMD Global (Nokia), LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, etc. did not give up. Big brands take this as an opportunity to promote its latest products: Samsung Galaxy A90: 5G in the segment below $1000; Sony Xperia 5: Lite version of Xperia 1; LG G8x: Expands two Dual Screen screens; Nokia 7.2: Triple camera of 48MP with ability to combine pixels; Motorola One Zoom: 4 cameras with 4 different functions. Some typical products:

The LGG8X. Image: VentureBeats.
Sony Xperia 5. Image: Sony.
Samsung Galaxy A90. Image: Android Authority.

Ryan Hoang

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