DevOps system includes various supporting tools that assists in maintaining product stability and quality, and at the same time optimizes and automatizes the software production process. The system provides various methods and tools that aim to bring operations closer, especially those that focus on development and administration.

At the moment, software development in most FPT Software projects is being done manually, as programmers code daily, upload those onto the server, then report to teamlead for reviewing and other subsequent tasks. Integrating source codes, rebuilding, and testing are also done manually. This means that FPT Software is wasting too much time and effort in steps like review, merge, and build, while potential risks may arise at any error. Furthermore, in such procedures, teamleads and project PMs do not have general view over the project’s status, the quality of source codes, as well as evaluation of open codes used, leading to prevalent risks in both quality and business. Therefore, with the aim to eliminate to this problem, Do Xuan Tien and the TQA team had invested and researched, before finally developing the DevOps system.

DevOps can be regarded as a solution to optimization of software development life cycle, by providing methods and tools that aim to bring all operations closer, especially those that focus on development and administration.

First deployed in 2016, the system consists of tool, solution, and process. DevOps is now ready for most projects, supporting the following functions:

  • Commit Review: Allows integration of Review code for individual team members, performed automatically or manually as chosen by the reviewer.
  • Check Compiler: Allows control of automatic code interpretation.
  • Unit Testing: Automatic starting of UT and intuitive report results.
  • Code Quality Management: Allows control over source code quality from coding quality, code security, open code, and check list.
  • Deployment: Allows automatic deployment on testing environments, customer environments, and production environments.
The system’s functions.

The system also allows connection with FPT Software’s existing project management systems, automatic control over all development phases following schedules or events, as well as automatic notifications via email or SMS should there be interruptions in any steps.

PMs and Managers can now gain a clear, detailed, and real-time picture of their projects by logging onto to The projects are digitalized using easy matrixes that represents quality parameters including: number of defects, complexity, repetition rate, documentation,… These are crucial numbers that previously was out of the control range. Now, with DevOps’s Dashboard, all technical configurations and information can be easily accessed. Furthermore, the system also allows tracking of steps and suggestions of possible solutions to problems.

The system also points out which open source are being utilized, and how well is that utilization in the project. The PMs can thus know clearly about possible errors for elimination. At the same time, DevOps provides detailed fixes and great interactions, as well as allows integration with FPT Software’s existing project management systems. Automatic reporting and extraction are also possible, and these can be quickly sent to relevant parties, saving great amounts of time. PMs will also gain a deeper insight on project quality based on quality gate, from which they can improve by rectifying detected errors.

Chairman Truong Gia Binh awarding Ms. Nguyen Phuong Lan – TQA team’s representative with the Gold prize.

At the moment, close to 50 Bus are already deploying DevOps over 300 large and small projects that utilizes various frameworks, including: Net, Java, Mobility… Consequently, the system has scanned 24 million codes, detected 791,000 errors in various types. 60% of PMs and teamleads had recommended using OSS, Secure code, and DevOps in sharing events across the country.

In 2018, DevOps were officially deployed throughout FPT Software, covering all departments like Managers, Devs, QAs, and customers. The product is also being sold to important customers like Capitaland, Petronas, DTL, Miroku…

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