Java programming language was invented and first introduced by researchers at Sun Microsystem Company in 1995. Soon after its advent, this programming language was widely used and popular for professional programmers as well as software developers.

Recently, programming languages ​​and java technologies have been put into curricula at professional programmer training institutions. Some universities in Vietnam teach java programming as an optional subject for specialized stage information technology students.

After a period of studying, working and participating in teaching java programming for the bachelor’s degree in distance learning online, the authors decided to compile this textbook to serve the teaching and learning of information technology students.

The content of the syllabus focuses on the most basic knowledge of java programming to help readers first access to this new technology, and this is also a stepping stone for us to become “java shooter”. Some issues in java programming language such as JavaBean, interface design using JFC (Java Foundation Class) library, network programming, database programming by java, web programming using J2EE ( Java 2 Enterprise Edition),… will be covered in advanced topics. In order to read this textbook, readers need to master the knowledge of introductory programming, object-oriented programming.

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