What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails or just Rails for short is a Web Framework of Ruby language created by David Heinemeier Hansson. Rails was built to support developers to develop web software as quickly as possible.

Rails framework was created as an answer to other web frameworks such as J2EE, .NET. In order for the software development process to take place faster, Rails uses thorough rules and undertakes so very many tasks that the programmers do not have to worry about them anymore, like: mail management, object-database mappers, files structures, code generation, etc. These are the two most outstanding features of Rails, which not only help programmers write fewer codes, develop applications faster but also make applications become easier to understand and maintain.

Like most other Web frameworks, Rails uses Model – View – Controller (MVC) architecture patterns to enhance the maintainability and development of applications.

Here are some documents that should not be ignored:

1/ Agile Web Development with Rails 4

Author: Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas and DHH

Content: Understand how to combine frameworks together

Download at: http://slimshare.com/file/5b584961ae2aeb674d11dd74

2/ Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Author: Michael Hartl

Content: Learn the best methods to build a social networking app like Twitter.

Download at: http://slimshare.com/file/5b58498dae2aeb5ca42b8a92

3/ Crafting Rails 4 Applications

Author: José Valim

Content: Summarize the best methods used when building more complex projects.

Download at: http://slimshare.com/file/5b5849baae2aeb2429093382

4/ Reliably Deploying Rails Applications

Author: Ben Dixon

Content: A framework works strongly with servers, Chef and Capistrano.

Download at: http://slimshare.com/file/5b584a47ae2aeb2ee721e52f

5/ Rails 4 Test Prescriptions

Author: Noel Rappin

Content: Guide you how to test and help you design and write Rails applications better

Download at: http://slimshare.com/file/5b584a7eae2aeb020a50b8c3

6/ Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec

Author: Aaron Sumner

Content: Help you have a panoramic view of the building process of a real application.

Download at: http://slimshare.com/file/5b584aadae2aeb11641f0e44

7/ Multitenancy with Rails

Author: Ryan Bigg

Content: Teach you neat tricks on Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL when you build a multi-tenanted application, or Ruby on Rails application

Download at: http://slimshare.com/file/5b584af2ae2aeb5792336d73

8 / Rails, Angular, Postgres, Bootstrap

Author: David Bryant Copeland

Content: Full-stack development guide to create practical and high-performance applications

Download at: http://slimshare.com/file/5b584b20ae2aeb693f78cf02

Source: TechTalk

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